Complete Backup Android Phone Apps, System Setting, SMS, APN, Alarms, Bookmarks, Call logs, SMS, MMS, Files

Your android phone contains lots of essential items, such as important pictures, contacts, calenders, SMS etc.  If you are going to root or flash a new ROM its highly recommended fully backup your phone. Unfortunately Google not introduce native backup apps for android. Fortunately there are a few methods. This post I’m going to how you how to complete backup your phone and its external memory without root access.

This post i mention two methods to complete backup your phone,



How Backup Android phone using Android apps and default options.


Titanium backup guide.

Titanium backup is a complete android backup solution with root. You can read that post in here.


Backup contacts, calenders.

Every android user can store, sync their contacts, with Google. You can access them using any device, that have an internet connection. To do that,

  • Enable data connection.
  • Navigate to “Settings>Accounts and Sync”.
  • Check Activate auto-sync.
  • Tap on your Google account.
  • Select available sync items ( recommend contacts, Calender ).


Backup Data ( Installed Apps data, Wi-Fi passwords, other settings)

This option will backup your android phone apps data, WiFi network log-in details, and other settings. To do it,

  • Enable data connection.
  • Go to “Settings>Privacy”.
  • Tick “Back up my data”.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the process. You can check its progress by visiting “Google Dashboard” under the “Android devices”.

This post we are going to show you how to backup your android phone using android backup master free app. It’s free and you can download it using following links.


Backup android Apps apk, call logs, System settings, SMS, MMS, Alarm.

As I mention above, there is no option for backup android apps, apn, SMS, call logs, alarms. Therefore we have to use a 3rd party application. Fortunately playstore reach of free apps. To do this I use a backup master free app. It’s free and you can download it using following links.

[google_app_box title=”My Backup” url=”” ]

  • Run the “Backup Master”.
  • Select which items you need to protect, by tick them. It offers “SMS, MMS, Bookmarks (stock web browser), Call logs, System Settings, Alarms, APN and apps.
  • In the “Confirm” window you can see, items that you select, if it’s OK, tap on the “OK”.
  • Wait for a few seconds to complete the job, if everything goes 100% tap back button.


Back up SMS, Call logs, to gmail separate label.

In an earlier post, I mention that how to back up your android phone SMS, call logs, to your gmail account separate label (folder). You can read that post in here.


Save and auto sync camera photos, files or folder to a cloud.

We already publish how to automatically sync android camera photos, or another folder with different clouds. Using that method you can store any files on “Dropbox,, Ubuntu one, Sugarsync, CX, amazon cloud, etc. You can read that post in here.


Backup Android media player play list.

You can use “Mybackup” for this process. You can download this app using following play store links.

[google_app_box title=”MyBackup” url=”” ]

After you installed the app,

  • Go to the “Backup> Data”.
  • Now select where to saved this files, locally or mybackup cloud.
  • Scroll down and tick “Music playlist”

This is not a completely free app, its a limited time free trial. In-addition to play list backup, it has lot of features. You can read out earlier guide in here.


How Backup Android phone using windows computer.

Currently we can manage android phone using two windows software, “MyPhoneExplorer” and “Droid Explorer“. These two software totally free.



MyPhoneExplorer can backup apps, sms, call logs, calender, notes, alarm, and many more things.  You can read how to use “MyPhoneExplore“post in here.


Droid Explorer.

Droid explorer can do many things, than MyPhoneExplorer.  If we look at its some features, bulk apps install, backup application, flash custom ROM, update ROM, reboot in a recovery mode, android phone screen recording and take screen shots without root and many more. You can read how to use “Droid Explorer” in our earlier post in here.

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