How To Take Screenshots ,Snapshot Any Android Phone Without Root

Most of the Android devices need root permission for taking a screenshot. If your phone’s, warranty doesn’t expire, rooting will void it. Well, it’s not an issue. There are many reasons for take a screenshot. For an instance submit app issue to the developer.

There are few android apps, that can use to take a screenshot of your Android phone. However now almost all the Android devices are supported to take a screenshot.

This method I’m going to use Screenshot Free android app. It’s a free application, but there is a premium version. Unfortunately this method we have to use a Windows computer, it’s not working with any-other OS.

This free application can take a screenshot by shaking your phone, edit screenshot, share your screenshot with your friends, home screen to make schedule snapshot.

Screenshot Free app

How to take a screenshot using android device without root.

  • First install android app from here.
  • Download PC application in here.
  • Extract it to the desktop or any-other place.
  • Open the extracted file containing folder.
  • Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.
  • Double click on the “install.bat”.
  • Now windows command prompt, will be start wait until it display “daemon started successfully“.
  • Now run the “Screenshoter” app on your phone.
  • Select “Screen shot delay time”, it’s looks like self-timer on a camera.
  • Now tap on the “Take Screenshot” button on the app.

  • ¬†All the images will be saved SD card “screenshot” folder.



Take a screenshot by shaking android phone.

This application can take a snapshot after you shake your phone. To do that

  • Check “Shake” option in the screenshot” main menu.
  • Next select shake strength.
  • After enabling this option, no need to run the app, just move your phone left to right.

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