How To Complete Backup Android Phone, Tablet Apps, Data With Titanium Backup Free [Guide]

Titanium backup is a one of the best complete backup solution for android operating system. Using this free application you can completely backup user and system apps apk file, data and cache. In addition to that it can protect your SMS, call logs, contacts. Titanium backup [T.B.] uses higher security level for protecting your backup files.
It has an option to encrypt your backup data for prevent unauthorized accesses. If you’re a regular ROM flasher this is one of the best solutions. This app requires the root permission and busybox.
Titanium app has the ability to upload your backed-up data into your personal cloud such as Dropbox, Google Docs, from the normal features, it can extract the nandroid backup contain apk files and data. Moreover T.B. can batch restore without showing an installation window.
This tutorial I’m going to show you how to completely backup and restore system and user application into your SD card, encrypt backup files, schedule and upload to cloud storage.  There are two types of version, free and paid. Paid user has more features, but free user can back up your data without any issue.

How to backup Android phone, tablet with Titanium backup [T.B.] Free.

  • Install the titanium backup [T.B.] from the Google Play store in here. The pro version key app can purchase in here. (To use pro version you have to install the free version)
  • Once it’s installed on your Android device, you can see its app icon in the app drawer. Run the application.
  • When the SuperUser request the root permission grant it.
  • Then tap the top right tick mark, just like following screenshot.
  • Tap “Backup user data app + system data” option contains “Run” button.
  • Next window you can select which apps should backup. If you need to backup selected apps data, choose them by ticking.
  • Tap top “Right” icon.
  • Then you can see the backing up progress.


  • Once it completed, close the app.


How to restore backup.

  • Run the T.B. app.
  • Tap top right side “Right” button.
  • Scroll down until you see “Restore” option.
  • Tap “Restore all apps with data” or any other option that you like.
  • Once restore completed, it’s better to reboot the phone, tablet.

How to encrypt Titanium backup data.

If your phone or tablet lost or stolen, no one can use your backup data for theft your data. This method all your data stores with a password. There are three types of encrypting methods. You can select either one option as you want. When you are submitting encrypting key, use a higher security level key, don’t use your birthday or mobile phone number. Instead of that use combination of numbers+letters+special characters.

When you restore the backup T.B. request that encrypted key. So keep it remember, but it’s not promoted when you open the app.
  • Open the titanium backup app.
  • Tap phone’s menu key.
  • Select “Preferences”.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Backup protection settings”
  • Tap “Create master key..” option
  • Choose desire encrypting method. If you have more sensitivity data tick “4096-bit RSA”. 😉
  • Type the encrypting key.
  • Tap “Generate key!”
  • Next, you are again in the “Backup protection settings”. Tap “Symmetric key strength”.
  • Tap desire key strength.
  • In “Passphrases caching” option to “several minutes no to promote passphrases key”.

How to auto backup [Schedule].

Titanium app has the ability to schedule the backup. Free user can use few scheduled with limited daily scheduled, but pro use can use without any restriction. You can select a specific time to start the task and specify what to do after task completed.

  • Open the titanium backup app.
  • Go to “Schedules” tab.
  • Tap “Add new schedule”.
  • Now you can see “Redo backup for newer app version” project/task.
  • Tap its “Edit” button.
  • In the top of the “edit schedule” window drop down menu, choose which items you should backup.  You can select “Backup all use apps”, “Redo backup for user app & newer version” etc options”.
  • If you have enabled filters to select which labels apps, you need to back up.
  • Then choose desire time.
  • After that select when this task again repeats. Free user can use repeat one task only 3 days per week.
  • Next “When finished” select what should do after this task finished. If you have enabled Dropbox sync you can select that task or reboot phone, etc option.
  • Finally, tap “Save” button.


How to automatically upload backup files to Cloud.

You need the maximum protection against data lost, you can use Titanium backup cloud upload feature. It supports Dropbox,, and Google doc’s services. Once the backup completed this app automatically upload it to the selected account.

  • Run the T.B. app.
  • Press the phone’s menu key.
  • Select “Preference” option.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see “Cloud Sync settings”.
  • Tick desire service.
  • Then tap its “Settings” option. For instance, if you have selected Dropbox, tap, it’s under “Dropbox settings” option.
  • Choose the “Remote location folder name”. At this point you can type a desire name for backup files saving folder name. If you need to store backup sub folders use slash “/” for instance “Apps/T.B.”. When this app uploading files, it automatically creates all the suborders.
  • If you use apps, filters/labels, select which labels upload in the “Elements to synchronize” option.
  • Under the “History coverage” choose how many items store on your cloud.
  • Once account settings configured again go back to the “Preference” main menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see the “Connectivity modes”. Tap on it.
  • Select which connection should use for upload backup files. In this situation you can select Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G, or combination of them.
  • Next again go back to the main preference menu.
  • Congratulation, now you just configure cloud sync option, but still not granted to Titanium backup to save files on your cloud. In order to do it follow the next step.
  • Run the backup or label backup.
  • When T.B. ask to get access to your cloud account log-in to your service and grant the permission. This application doesn’t store your log-in details.

This application has more features, you can manually configure them as you want. These are the essential options that every user need.

Titanium Backup (root needed)
Titanium Backup (root needed)

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