Backup, Sync Android Phone With Windows Computer Without Root [MyPhoneExplorer]

Now android user can backup phone tablet with the Windows computer without the root permission. There are many reasons to keep up to date backup. Before install a custom ROM, update ROM are few uses. My Phone Explorer is a free windows application that can fully manage Android phone via USB cable, Bluetooth and WI-Fi connections. This is a all in one sync software. Normally every device receives PC companion application, but most of them are not compatible full control your Android phone.

Most of the backup applications such as Titanium backup need the root access. MyPhoneExplorer can completely control your phone and its apps remotely without Root access. Unlike other non-root backup, this tool can backup system apps to your windows computer. It doesn’t need the  root permission. So it’s a big advantage.

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This post include


  1. How to connect your phone.
  2. How to sync contacts, calendars, notes with MyPhoneExplorer, Outlook, Windows etc.
  3. Backup Apps, files, SMS, contacts, events.
  4. Import System apps without root permission.
  5. Change settings for better performances.


If we briefly identify its features,

  • Sync phone contacts, calendars with Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Sunbird, Tobi David, Windows Contacts and Calendar.
  • Sync Google contacts, calendar with phone.
  • Run Apps remotely.
  • Send and view SMS,
  • View calls (dial, answered, missed), and make calls.
  • Backup system and other Apps.
  • Uninstall apps.
  • Copy and move Files to phone/ SD.
  • Create backups.
  • View calendar, notes, alarm.
  • Create, edit, and delete contacts.
  • Add notes, calendar.
  • Monitor battery status, Phone details and memory usage.





How to connect MyPhoneExplorer with an Android phone.


Before run MyPhoneExplorer windows application you need to install its phone client app. You can download window client in here and phone client app in the android market using following links. Now you need to make few configurations in your phone, they are different with connecting mode.


Windows installer in here.

Android app.
[google_app_box title=”MyPhoneExplorer” url=”” ]



Connecting via USB.

  • First when you are connecting phone select “Charge only” or similar mode. It’s different from manufacture to manufacture.
  • Next enable USB debugging, to do that go to the Android phone “Setting >Application> Development” Now check “USB Debugging”.
  • Finally install ADB Driver (most of the cases MyPhoneExplorer can automatically install it) if not you can install it in here.
  • Now start MyPhoneExplorer on your computer.
  • Go to PC client’s “File>Connection” now select your Phone type as  “Phone with Google Android-OS”.
  • Connection via select “USB cable” or “Auto detect”.
  • To apply changes click “OK”.
  • Go to PC client’s “File>Connect”.



Connect via Wi-Fi.

  • This method doesn’t complicates.
  • Enable Wi-Fi on phone and computer or router.
  • Then run MyPhoneExplorer on the computer as well as phone.
  • Ensure that connected to the same Wi-Fi network and your firewall not block this client.
  • Go to PC client’s “Files> Connection”, now under the “Phone type” select “Phone with Google Android-OS”.
  • Under the “Connection via” select “WiFi” or “Auto detect”.
  • Click to apply changes “OK”.
  • Go to “Files>Connect”.



Connect via Bluetooth.

  • Enable Bluetooth both devices and make them discoverable. Now paired phone with the PC.
  • Run MyPhoneExplorer on the phone and computer.
  • Go to PC client’s “Files>Connection” and go to “Phone type”.
  • Select “Phone with Google Android-OS”.
  • Under the “connection via.” select “Bluetooth” or “auto detect”.
  • If you select Bluetooth select correct communication port.
  • Click “OK” for apply changes.
  • To establish connection navigate to PC client’s “File>connect”.




Sync contacts, calendars and notes with MyPhoneExplorer, Outlook,Windows or Google account.


This free tool offer synchronizes your android phone contacts, calendars and notes (MPE app) with your computer. However one time you can select one service. Default settings will use “MyPhoneExplorer”. Although you can use the other available service. To do that,

  • Go to computer client’s “File>setting>Sync”.
  • Under the right side select which sync service you need to select in drop down menu.



Sync with Outlook.

  • Navigate to PC application “File>Settings>Sync”
  • Select “Outlook” in drop-down menu.
  • Now “Microsoft outlook setup” window will open, create new outlook sync profile using your existing email account.
  • After configuration finished, you can see myphoneexplorer “settings for Outlook” dialog box.
  • Select “Sync mode”.
  • Finally click “OK”.
  • Go to PC application’s “Extra> Start Multi -Sync” or click top “Sync” button.
  • Now “Confirmation for sync” select mode and click “OK”. In-addition to that you can select other options.



Sync with Windows

  • To synchronize your phone-book with windows select “Windows contact” and sync mode.
  • Click “OK” and again click “OK” in setting window.





Backup Android apps, contacts, events, tasks, note, SMS, files with computer.


To create complete backup, run your computer client application.

  • Go to its “Extra> Create Backup”.
  • In its “Create backup” window, select which items that you want ( eg:- Contacts. events, etc).
  • If you need to import/backup apps, that you installed on your phone, check “Applications” and browse the folder for save them in your computer.  In-addition to that you can select which apps backup.
  • If you need to import/backup your phone files tick “Files” and locate save them. Moreover you can select which files backup/import.
  • Finally click “Create backup”.
  • This process, apps backup only imports user apps, next part I mention how to save system applications.
  • Create Android backup.

MyPhoneExplorer Create Backup



Backup Android System apps to Computer.

To save system apps to your computer, go to “Files>Phone memory> System> App”. Click “Ctrl” with “A” keys in your keyboard. Now click “Download file” button (arrow) and browse for folder to save them.
Backup Android system apps.

MyPhoneExplorer System backup




Change settings for better performances.

After or before connecting your phone open MyPhoneExplorer and go to its “File>Settings>Connection” in there, under the “connect via” check as “Auto detect”. Now it automatically scans Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth connections for detecting new phone. Moreover, when you are connecting your device, very first time, select your its type as “Phone with Google Android-OS”. Change your phone MyPhoneExplorer client setting as you want for better performances, like launch client automatically etc.
Change MyPhoneExplorer settings.MyPhoneExplorer Windows Settings

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