Find Hidden Spy Camera Using Android App Free

These days cameras can hide anywhere. With the new technology, this is easier. It can be a small screw which fitted on your room wall or a small table clock which is in your bedroom or living room. These tiny devices can watch your daily movements and broadcast to a remote device or save on its storage. In this post, I’m going to show you how to detect hidden cameras using the android app.

These devices have some common characteristics. They are magnetic activity around the device. Every electronic device has its own magnetic field. Apart from that night vision enabled hidden spy camera uses infrared light. By detecting those things we can easily find a hidden camera using Android apps. In order to use these hidden camera detectors, your smartphone should have a magnetic sensor and a camera.

In this post, I’m going to introduce several spy camera detectors apps available on the Google Play store. These applications do not work as a professional spy camera detector, but it gives somewhat accurate results.

Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Detector.

This application can find hidden cameras by using a magnetic field and infrared light. It supports advertisements. On the main screen, you can select which type of detection to use. Once you select Magnetometer scanning moves your phone around. Then it will detect different magnetic fields and notify possible device types based on the received magnetic frequency. This option can also use to detect hidden listening devices too.

Another option is infrared light. Once you choose the “Detect Infrared Camera” option, it will scan infrared lights around you and notify you.

Hidden Camera Detector
Hidden Camera Detector
Developer: FutureApps
Price: Free


Hidden Camera Detector – Hidden Device Detector.

These app features are also similar to the above-mentioned application. It has the same magnetic wave detection and infrared light identify features. When the surveillance device proximity to your smartphone, this application alert you with a sound.


Metal Detector.

This app not developed for identifying hidden cameras, although it can identify the magnetic field. By using that feature we can identify the strong magnetic waves generating electronic devices. Unlike the above mentioned two applications, this app doesn’t have advertisements.

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: Smart Tools co.
Price: Free

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