How To Perform Nandroid Backup, Restore With CWM Recovery On Android

Nandroid backup is one of the perfect and complete backup solution for the rooted android user. Which means this is a entire ROM data protection method. Application based method can’t do this process, they only backup system and user app with data, cache. This method based on the custom recovery. We highly recommend to perform a nandroid backup, before the advance customizations and install new custom ROM or firmware. Some devices have a native recovery option, but they’re not available backup and restore features. If your device has a native android system recovery such as Samsung 3e or similar, you can flash a custom recovery such as clockworkmod, CWM based one or similar recovery.

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This advanced root backup method takes a snapshot of your internal memory and its system partitions. After you have completed this, your files saved on the SD card/external memory ClockworkMod folder. Keep that files securely, also you can copy it to the computer or any-other storage device. This tutorial I use clockworkmod recovery nandroid backup. If you have another custom recovery, such as TWRP (Team Wind Recovery Project) most of the time backup and restore steps are similar.

Following screenshot is the CWM recovery main menu (non touch version). There’s no major differences between touch enabled and non touch version. If you have a non touch use your volume keys for navigation. Selection differs from manufacture to manufacture. Some devices Power button for selection some devices home button for selection and some of the Sony’s devices use on screen navigation button specially Xperia T (soft key available devices).ClockworkMod Recovery


How to make Nandroid backup.

  • Fully charge the phone, tablet (more than 50%)
  • Check your SD card or external memory has sufficient space. If there’s 1-2GB free spaces its good. Required space differs from device to device. It depend on your current ROM size.
  • Reboot  into the recovery. (don’t know how to do it, it’s better read this post)
  • After boot recovery, navigate to the “backup and restore”.
  • Now select the “backup”
  • Now you can see its backing-up process. It will take a few minutes to complete. After the the job started, there’s no way to cancel it.
  • Congratulation, you just completed the nandroid backup. Your saved files name will be the job completed date. Ex:- 2012-07-



How to restore Nandroid backup.

There’s two restore option, normal restore and advanced restore. Normal restore option restore boot, system, data, cache, SD-ext, files. The advanced option lets you select which item should restore. You can select either option according to your need.

If you moved your previous backup files to any other storage devices, such as a computer, copy them into your phone’s SD card “clockworkmod” folder.

  • Reboot into the recovery. (You can’t boot into the recovery, it’s better check this post)
  • When the custom recovery start go to “backup and restore”
  • Select “restore”.
  • Now select “restore or advanced”, as i mention, you can select either option.
  • If you have several backed up files, now select which file should use.
  • Normal restore select “Yes – Restore”
  • Advanced restore select which item should restore. Next select “Yes – Restore XXXX”.
  • Wait for a few minutes to complete the process. You can view its progress at the bottom of the screen.
  • Congratulation! Now you just completed the nandroid restore.



How to reboot into recovery using windows command prompt.

If you have no idea how to reboot into the recovery mode, you can do it using adb drivers. However, this method is not working all the devices.

  • First download this adb file and extract it to the desktop.
  • Connect the phone to the computer via USB cable.
  • Now go to the extracted folder and press and hold the shift key on your keyboard, same time right click inside the folder.
  • In the windows context menu select “Open command window here”.
  • Type following command in the windows cmd.
adb reboot recovery
  • Now your phone boot into the recovery mode.
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