How To Automatically Mount NTFS USB Sticks, USB HDD With Android Phone, Tablet Easily [App]

NTFS is one of the efficient file system. Its developed by the Microsoft and IBM. Therefore most of the windows computer uses this file system. If you have NTFS (New Technology File System) formatted USB sticks or a USB HDD, you can’t mount it with the android phone as well as tablets. 

Fortunately now there is a solution. Ntfs Mounter android app can mount your New Technology File System based drivers. However its not compatible with all the android devices. 

Once you run the application, it automatically detects each time, when you are connecting a new drive to your android phone/tablet.

How to connect NTFS file system USB sticks, HDD.
  • Install Ntfs Mounter using one of the following play store link
scan QR code 
  • Connect NTFS file system device to your android phone,tablet via USB host / OTG cable.
  • Application automatically detects and mount your device to “/sdcard/usbStorage/NtfsDriveXXX”. 

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