Best Torrent Clients App For Android Phone, Tablet

Downloading torrent to your android phone or tablet now easier. tTorrent is one of the best torrent client app for the android. Currently there are lots of similar app on the Google play store, but some of them has less features. This is a more advanced app. There are mainly two types of version, free and paid. Apart from that it has for for x86, MIPS based devices versions.

Free version maximum download speed is 250kB/s, if you need to unlock this limit you have to buy the premium version. It is the only one restriction on this application.


  • Multiple torrents downloading and seeding.
  • Search torrents (isoHunt, KickAssTorrent, The Pirate Bay, etc).
  • Select  Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi and WiMAX only or any connection.
  • Control limit Download and Upload speed.
  • Web browser integration.
  • Magnet link support.
  • Trackerless torrent (DHT) support.
  • RSS feed support.
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP support.
  • Port selection and use random port.
  • IP filter (automatic).
  • Proxy support (SOCKS, HTTP).
  • Connection encryption.
  • Force to recheck.
  • Select the download location.
  • SD card file browser.
  • Keep screen on.
  • Stop download when battery is below the specified level.
  • Adjust maximum incoming connections and open connections.
  • Enable peer exchange protocol.
  • Local peer discovery.
  • Move completed torrents to sub folder.

tTorrent default download location is an SD card Torrent folder,  all the downloading files are move to “incoming” folder and finished files are move to “ready” folder. but you can change them. Though you can’t select different folders for different file formats.

For maximum results after you installed this application change its setting like bellow. Network settings enable Random port, Forced encryption, DHT, UPnP, NAT-PMP, Enable IP filtering and automatic IP filter updates.

Some devices stop applications and Wi-Fi connection when the screen off. If you face similars issue, go to the settings>Power management and tick “Keep screen on”.

Moreover change your Wi-Fi policy to never disconnect when the screen off. To do that, go to your phone’s “settings>connection” or “Settings>Wi-Fi”. Now tap the menu key and select “Advanced”. Now check the Wi-Fi sleep policy as “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep”.

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