How To Remove Cracked Apps Illegal Download Links On Google Search Engine, Bing

Cracked android apps or any application now available everywhere. This is a big problem, for commercial app developers. Because of developer of that app, lost lots of money and their valuable times. Now we can easily remove any copyrighted material illegal downloads links in the Google search result as well as if that alleged infringement material appears on the Google’s own product, such as blogger, Google sites.

If they appears on Google’s own products, we can completely delete that web pages. Sometime Google ban that copyright violate person Google account. Before you report this issue to the Google, its better personally contact that web site owner, because of sometime he/she may not aware it (ex:- web forums).

First we need to report this issue to Google DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) them by filling their forum. After that they will consider its actually violate your copyright. If it’s, they will remove it. If that website that can’t control Google, they will remove that page on the Google search result, that mean they de-index web page. If that web site hosted on the Google free service such as blogger, Google sites, they delete that post. This method we can use to remove anything on search engine, that mean blog post, commercial application, audio, video etc.

  • First go to this Google webmaster tools DMCA copyright removal page in here.
  • In the “Contact Information” field, submit your real information. Because of they’ll contact you for farther inquires. ( Company Name optional).
  • Now we should carefully submit “YOUR COPYRIGHTED WORK ” information. 
  • In the “Identify and describe the copyrighted work: ” section, describe your product. For instance, my android application. It can describe few words, but you should clearly describe it.
  • In the “Where can we see an authorized example of the work?:” section submits your apps official download links, it can be Google play store your app page or your app official web page. The link (web page) that you provide, should available your app. Don’t submit home page URL.
  • In the “Location of infringing material:” field, submit the allegedly infringing material. In simple word your app illegal download website relevant web page link.
  • Under the “SWORN STATEMENTS ” tick both check boxes.
  • Finally submit your full name or part of the name as signature, date and fill the “re captcha” anti spam.
  • To submit this copyrighted removal request click “Submit” button.
Now you can see all your request in the “DMCA-dashboardin here. Normally they will respond your request within 3 days. But if your product appears on the Google’s own product, such as blogger, they will take 7 days to respond. Apart from that, if DMCA team forwarded that request to to their appropriate product team, “DMCA-dashboard” dashboard display its rejected, but it’s normal you can read full details under each report. 
If you need to remove your copyrighted material on Bing search engine use their DMCA forum on here. (I’m not using it, because of Bing use very little people. Google is the largest search engine).

Moreover, you can contact allegedly infringing material appears website hosting company for completely delete that links.

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