Fix Play Store Market App Installed App Missing Issue In My App Section And Update Not Display Issue

Sometime you may experience Google play store android market app not display all the installed app on the my app page. This is a most command issue for stock ROM and sometime when you installed new ROM. As a result of that, you can’t get new version update notifications. This is not a Google play store app issue, its your device play store app database issue.

Now this is not an issue, we can fix all the apps broken links easy. However this method requires root access. So first root your phone or tablet. First make sure that the app that miss in the my app section currently available in the play store and it’s compatible with your device.

  • First install “Market fix” free android app in the play store via web browser, via direct link.
  • After the installation completed run the app and grant the root permission. 
  • Now tap its “Analyse market links” button.
  • Now it scans your play store app database for detect missing or corrupted files. It will depend how many apps you installed.
  • Now its display all the broken apps links.
  • To fix this issue, tap on each issue.
  • When it completed, you can see” update completed” message at the top of the app.
  • After the fix, you need to install any app from the play store for refresh the database.
  • Now clear play store app cache reboot the phone.
  • When the reboot completed, go to the plays store app “my app” page and check your app listed in there.
Apart from above link fixing method, this tool can remove select apps links. After removed links your app no longer displays on the my app page. This method should work on all most all the android devices.
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