Take Android Phone, Tablet Screenshot With Windows PC Without Root And Installing Apps [ How To ]

Taking snapshot/ screenshot of your Android phone, tablet now more easier. These days most of the android devices have this feature. If you need to take your device screen shot without using your device native method now it easier. This method we don’t need to install any additional apps on your phone or tablet.
Using android SDK we can do it. The most significant thing is when your phone adb starts you can take a screenshot. That means when your phone or tablet start booting you can take its recovery and boot logo screenshots. Normal situation this is not possible. However taking screenshots of your recovery not available all the devices. 

  • Enable USB debugging on your phone (“Settings>Application>Developer options” or “Settings>Developer options).
  • Android SDK.
How to grab a screenshot
  • First download android SDK installer in here and install it on your windows computer.
  • After the installation completed, run the “SDK manager” and install following packages “Android SDK tools”, “Android SDK platform-tools” , “Google USB drivers”.
  • Wait for a few minutes to download and install them. Its time depend on your internet connection speed.
  • After it completed close the “SDK manager”.
  • Go to the Android SDK installed directory, “tools” folder normally its locates in “C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\tools” directory. 
  • Now connect your phone to the computer via USB cable or adb over the WiFi connection. You can select one of the method.
  • Double click on the “ddms.bat” file.
  • Now windows CMD appear, wait for a few seconds, after that you can see “Dalvik debug monitor” window.
  • In the “Dalvik debug monitor” window under the “Name” field there’s a small phone logo, select that phone.
  • Go to the “Device>Screen capture” or press your keyboard “Ctrl” key with “S” key.
  • Now it displays your phone snapshot. Click refresh to update the screen shot and click “Save” button for save it as a image. 
  • After screenshot taking completed, click “Done” button. 
If you use adb over WiFi method, you can see your phone name in the “Dalvik debug monitor” window, if you use USB cable its not display your phone name, instead of that it shows some code. Sometime it may be different in your phone.
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