Automatic Upload Android Camera Photos, Video To Multiple Dropbox

Dropbox is a one of the best free cloud service that lets you store 2GB files. You can automatically upload your images to multiple account. The Dropbox latest android client can automatic upload camera images to your account.

However its not support upload to multiple accounts as well as video files. Probably they will come soon. You need not wait, dropin is the tiny android app, that can automatically upload your android’s camera image and video to your multiple Dropbox Account without use DropBox application.

Now you may think why should I use this application instead of without using their official application. There are mainly 4 reasons. First one is this app not use big internal memory, most of the low cost android phone has a small internal memory.

The second reason is you can upload video and images to multiple Dropbox account. The third reason is user can select custom folder. Final reason is upload videos. Even though dropin support one way sync, that mean after the sync, if you delete your phone’s files, its not affect to the cloud. Two way sync coming soon.

After you installed dropin, submit your Dropbox log-in details. Most of the time it can automatically detect video and camera folders, if not you have to manually add them.

The next step is select sync connection, if you unchecked “WiFi only” it use data connection.

To disable video or photo upload go to your phone “Setting>Account and sync> dropin” and unchecked desire option.

There are two ways to add a Dropbox account to sync using dropin app and phone account and sync.

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