How To Update Galaxy Note GT-N7000 To ICS 4.0.3 Using Mobile ODIN And PC ODIN With Root

How to update Galaxy Note GT-N7000 to the latest ICS 4.0.3? This is the thing that comes to your mind after you got the, “Samsung release official Android4 ICS to Galaxy note” news. No worry, mainly there are three ways to update your Galaxy Note to ICS 4, download ROM via official web page page and flash it using ODIN, via Samsung KIES or Over The Air (OTA) update.

This post I’m going to show you how to update your Galaxy note GT-N7000 to latest version ICS 4.0.3 using mobile and PC ODIN application. You can apply only one method. Using this method, you can install any ROM.

If you use the mobile ODIN app, you need the root permission, but PC ODIN needs not.

If you are using a leak ICS ROM, it’s better flash Gingerbread ROM and follow these instructions for prevent brick.

This is not a risky process. However as a result of firmware bug, or missing some procedure, your device can be brick. So if your device damage or malfunction I can’t get its risk.

Importance of flash a ROM using mobile ODIN is, it need not use any computer assistance. That mean you can flash and root your Galaxy Note GT-N7000 using apk. If you use the premium version it will root firmware while the ROM installation. Therefore after finished the flash, you got rooted device with the new ROM. In addition to that Mobile ODIN not increase the binary flash counter (yellow warning triangle).
Although lite version not available EverRoot, superuser app, Clockwork mod and apps installation while flashing a ROM. Therefore you have to root it separately. No worry, we can use CF root kernel ( modified stock ), for get them without buying premium version.

  • Fully charge your phone. 
  • Backup your phone ( guide in here )
  • If your device not rooted, you can’t use mobile ODIN, so first root your Galaxy note. (Guide in here and here)
  • Install mobile ODIN lite version using following links.


  • Go to Samsung firmware site in here and select your region and download the latest ICS 4 ROM ( You need to log-in or register and select any region) 
  • Download CF Root
  • Install mobile ODIN using one of the following links

free version ( Not available at the play store).
via web browser,

premium version. 
via web browser, via play store app 

scan QR code.


  • If you installed “Mobile ODIN lite” version, before run the app download and install required Flash Kernel apk for GT-N7000 in here.

Installation process.

  • Extract downloaded ROM.
  • Extract the CF-Root zip file, until you receive “zImage” file ( This step is optional, do it, if you need to root new ROM while it flashing ). 
  • Copy “zImage” file and extracted ROM to the phone external or internal SD card. 
  • Run mobile ODIN and grant superuser access.
  • In the main menu under the “Partition” tap on the “Open file”.
  • Locate the extracted ROM file saved place on your phone.
  • After selected ROM, you will redirect to the main menu.
  • In the next dialog box tap “Check” for verify MD5 signature (recommend).
  • Now under the partition, tap “Kernel” and select extracted “zImage” file location on your phone ( internal or external SD card)
  • If you use mobile ODIN premium version tick “EverRoot”
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Flash”
  • Now it displays progress and your phone reboot. First reboot takes longer time than usual.

How to Install ICS 4 on Galaxy Note GT-N7000 using PC ODIN.

This process first flash ROM, after rebooted the phone, again flash the CF Root kernel, to get the root permission. If you don’t want to root, only flash ROM uses ODIN.



  • Go to the Samsung official firmware site in here, and select your region and download latest Galaxy Note ICS 4 ROM. (Select correct phone model, but you can select any region)
  • Download PC ODIN in here

  • Run PC ODIN application.
  • Extract downloaded ROM into the computer desktop.
  • Turn off your Galaxy note GT-N7000
  • Boot phone into download mode, to do that press and hold the “Volume Down” “Home” and “Power” button together for a few seconds.
  • When it displays warning message, hit the “Volume” up button for continue. 
  • Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable
  • If everything work fine ODIN’s first “ID:COM” section will be highlighted yellow color and under the message section display “Added” your phone successfully connected. If it’s didn’t, install Samsung Kies, and reconnect the device.
  • Under the “Option” verify “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” are checked
  • Now under the ODIN’s “files [Download]” section, select extracted ROM contain files in this way,
On BOOTLOADER tab, select the file that has APBOOT code, in its file name.
On PDA tab, select the file that display CODE name, in it file name. 
On MODEM tab, select the file that display MODEM code, in it file name.
On CSC tab, select the the file that has MULTI CSC code, in its file name.

If your ROM has .pit file,

On the “PIT” tab click its “PIT” button and select the file that has “.pit” file extension.

( note:- Sometime your extracted ROM may not have all the files that i mention above )

  • Click “Start”
  • After it display “PASS” you have done.
  • After flash new ROM your phone will reboot. Now disconnect your phone from the PC and you can use it. 

Root Galaxy Note GT-N7000 using CF Root

After you installed the latest firmware using computer ODIN, it will not root your phone. To root new ICS 4 ROM follow these instructions.

This kernel will install
  • SuperSU
  • Busybox 
  • ClockWorkMod Recovery
  • Download CF Root in here.
  • Extract above downloaded file until you got “.tar” file ( Don’t extract “.tar” file).

Install CF Root kernel
  • Run ODIN PC application.
  • Shut down your phone and enable download mode ( Press and hold “Volume down”, “Home” and “Power” buttons few seconds)
  • When your phone display warning message, hit the “volume up” button.
  • Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.
  • If ODIN’s first “ID:COM” change into yellow, you can proceed the rooting.
  • Tick “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” options.
  • To apply rooted kernel click “PAD” button at “Files [Download]” section and browse downloaded and extracted “.tar” file location.
  • Click “Start”
  • After Finnish the installation your phone will be reboot. 
  • Disconnect phone from the computer and use.

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