How To Download Play Store Apps APK Files To Computer

Normally we can’t download apps on the Google Play Store/play store directly to our computers. It needs to use any android device that installed play store app. However nowadays there are few methods to download market/play store apps packages (apk) files to desktop or laptop computer. This method we use Java based windows software called “Real APK Leecher”.

Importance of this kind of software is you can save your smartphone or tablet data cost. If you don’t have a proper data traffic plan, your carrier apply addition charges according to your download capacity.

Moreover if some applications not available to your device’s country and you will receive “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country” you can use this method for overcome that issue.

Key features,

  • Download favorite free apps using a computer connection.
  • Instantly view play store app page.
  • Search android market by vender name, package name or special name.
  • Download application’s logo.

How To Download Apps On The Android To Windows Computer.

  • This software requires Java run times, if you don’t have you can download it in here. Its an online installer and wait for a few seconds to complete the process.
  • Now download “Real APK Leecher” windows software in here.
  • Extract compressed files into a desktop or anywhere on your hard disk.
  • Double click on the “Real APK Leecher.exe” file.
  • Submit your play Store associated gmail address and its password. If you enable Google account second verification, generate application specific password and use it instead of real password.
  • Now type you device ID number, that you found using following method (end of this post).
  • Choose a default folder location for save downloaded apps APK files.
  • Click on the “Save” button.
  • In the main window right side, there is a search box. Type android app names or keywords in it and search app.
  • To download app right click and select “Download” in context menu. Instantly you can see download progress in a small window.
  • Apart from that user can view app on the play store page by click on “view on Google Play” link in its context menu.
  • Once you submit log-in details this tool remember it, so no need to submit them again and again.

How to get android device ID.

To view a device ID type *#*#8255#*#* on your phone keypad. Now you can see “GTalk Service Monitor” window. Tap its “Send heard beat to Server” button. Now scroll down until “Device ID: Android-xxxxxxxx” that numbers are your device ID.

Applying this kind of method you get a risk. If Google ban your Google Play store account we can’t get its risk.

Developer site “codeimba.”
Download Real APK Leecher v 1.2.4 “in here”.
XDA forum thread in here.

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