How To Sync Facebook Contacts And Profile Photo With Google Contacts

Syncing Facebook contact photos with Google contact now easier. Most of the times we like to maintain phone contacts list with photos. Because of it make more attractive look and also it make easier. However manually add images to your contact list somewhat hard process.

Fortunately there is a free tool to sync your Facebook contacts with Google contacts with their Facebook profile image. Then after the synchronize with Google contacts, Android user can easily add those contacts to their phonebook.

Submit Google account log-in information.

This free tool name is Google Contact Sync. You can download this application from here. After you downloaded install it on your computer. Now open “Google Contact Sync” and submit your Google account number and password.

If you are afraid to summit your password, you can enable Google 2nd verification and generate application specific passwords. Read more info about how to enable Google second verification. It’s more secure than submitting your real log-in information.
Start Sync


Submit Facebook account log-in information.


Next we have to submit your Facebook account log-in information. Like the Google application specific password, you can generate a FB app password by navigating to the account settings page.

Now submit your Facebook account user name and password. In the next window you can also submit a Facebook application specific password. After you log-in to FB its request for permission to access your basic information.  Grant the permission to go to the next step.
Now wait for few second for load contacts. For automatic match contacts click top auto match button and click update. Finally click “Update”.
Now you can manually check all contacts are well sync with profile image. If not right click any contact and click “Set Facebook contact” and type your friends Facebook profile name and select.

In addition to this method, you can use Facebook contacts photos sync free app on the Google Play store. You can read my that post in here.

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