How To Root Acer Liquid Gallant E350 One Click Windows Computer

How to root Acer Liquid Gallant E350 which running android 4.0.3 ICS. Now we can root this phone just one click with a Windows computer. 
If you are not aware the rooting, it’s the process that gives full (administrative) control to the user.  After that you can uninstall system apps, install custom recovery, ROM’s and modify system as you want.
This is not a popular device, but now there are several custom ROM’s. Therefore if you wish to install those ROMs you have to root your Acer Liquid Gallant. This rooting method developed and tested by the XDA forum “jaapstreepjan” and “Bin4ry“.
Rooting void the warranty of your phone. If your Acer Liquid Gallant brick or damage by following this tutorial, I can’t claim its damages. 

  • Backup and sync internal memory.
  • Charge the battery minimum 60%.
  • Install the adb drivers. (Guide in here)
  • Install the Acer drivers.
  • Enable USB debugging (Settings>Developer Option).


How to root Acer Liquid Gallant E350 Android 4.0.3 ICS firmware one click.

  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable and install the downloaded acer drivers. If you already installed them, skip this step.
  • After the drivers installation complete reboot the computer.
  • Extract the downloaded root toolkit zip file to the desktop separate folder.    
  • Make sure that USB debugging enabled.
  • Disconnect the phone and reconnect it to the PC via the USB cable.
  • Double click on the “RunMe.bat” file.
  • Now you can see the Windows CMD window.
  • Select normal mode by typing 1 . (Number one)
  • Wait for a few seconds. Now you can see a special “Full restore” window on your Acer Liquid Gallant E350. Tap on the “Restore my data” option.
  • Now your phone will be rebooting. You can see the rooting progress in the Windows CMD window.
  • When it displays “After reboot all is done! Have fun !” message type any key on your keyboard and disconnect phone from the PC.
  • After the phone boot-up completed go to the app drawer and check if there’s “SuperSU” app.
  • After the rooting complete go to the Play store market and install the “Busybox installer” and install the busybox. Also make sure that your SU binary are up-to data.
  • Congratulation, you just rooted Acer Liquid Gallant E350 ICS firmware.
  • Now you can install the CWM recovery on your device.

[via:XDA forum]

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