White LG Nexus 4 Available Soon Or A Mistake?

Google unveiled their latest October 29th Nexus smartphone last month. They show only a black color device. Yes there’s white color Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. 

Still we can’t see a white color version in the Google play store market. We can see a white color Galaxy Nexus. So probably there may be a device. However it may not available like black version.

Last we we saw that white color Nexus 4 listed on the UK retailer Carphone Warehouse website. After a few hours they removed it. Now we can see UK talktalk mobile service provider listed a white color Google Nexus 4 on their website. 

Still you can’t purchase it, but you can pre-order it. They mention that stocks will be receive 13th of this December. Unfortunately still they’re not published any images of this new color device. Sometime this device may be a talktalk mobile exclusive device.


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