How To Enable Unread Count On Android App Icon Home Screen & App Drawer [ Paid Android App ]

The Android operating system doesn’t provide an unread count option. For instance its not display how many unread text messages in your Inbox or how many unread RSS feeds in your Google reader on the app icon (home screen and app drawer). Now we can easily enable this feature for a selected app with Nova launcher or Widgetlocker. This method we use TeslaUnread, it’s a free app. But Nova prime and Widgetlocker are paid apps.

Currently this app support following apps. SMS, Missed calls,Gmail, HTC Email, Samsung Email, Google and Motorola Email, K-9 Mail, Google Voice, Google Reader. Some of the apps are under the testing. 
I have tested this app with the Nova launcher prime. It works without any issue. After enable unread counts, you can see the number of unread items in the relevant app’s icon. It supports home screen as well as app drawer. 

How to enable unread count on Nova Launcher prime.

  • Go to Nova launcher settings.
  • Tap “Unread Counts” option. 
  • Turn ON the Unread counts. 
  • Tap “TeslaUnread Settings” option.
  • Select the apps that you which to see the unread items.
  • Now you just enable the unread counting. 

Download Nova Launcher Prime from Play Store in here.
Download TeslaUnread app from Play Store in here.
Download WidgetLocker app from Play store in here.

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