How To Root Sony Xperia Tipo LT21 ICS Firmware One Click

Now we can easily root Sony Xperia Tripo LT21 ICS firmware just one click. This is the same method that we used for Xperia S. It’s a universal rooting method and work on most of the ICS and Jelly bean ROM’s.This method uses the adb backup and restore function of your tipo device. After the root, if your device older backup files will be lost. So its better save them on a computer hard disk or use a 3rd party backup solution.

This method needs the android debugging bridged (adb) driver. Make sure that your computer has the adb driver. If you make sure not follow this easiest method.


Rooting void your device’s warranty. If your device bricked by following this method, i can’t claim its damages. Applying this method at your own risk.


Sony Xperia Tipo LT21 Rooting procedure.
  • Extract the downloaded root took kit to your computer desktop.
  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable.
  • Make sure that there’s no application use adb and not connected with the Xperia Tipo.
  • If the driver installation starts, wait till it complete.
  • Double click on the “rootme.bat” file.
  • Now windows command prompt window will open.
  • Follow its on screen¬† instructions.
  • When it displays “completed” or similar message, disconnect your phone from the PC.
  • Now install the “Busybox installer” free app on the play store and update busybox.



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