Easily Install Android ADB Drivers On Windows or Mac Computer

The android debugging bridge also knows as ADB drivers. This driver requires for various developments such as rooting, flash apps, etc. There are several ways to install adb driver on Window, Mac computer. Most of the people using the Android SDK based method. That method takes a few minutes to complete and its need to follow several steps.

Now we can easily install android adb drivers on Windows and Mac computer. This tutorial i use PadNet USB tethering application. When a user installs that application on his/here computer it automatically install android debugging bridge (adb) drivers.

The main advantage of this method is its installation is less than 20MB and its not an online installation. So we can finish the installation less than 5 minutes. So what are we waiting for? Unfortunately I don’t have an Apple Mac computer to test this method. I only tested on Windows computer.


How to install adb on Windows, Mac computer.

  • First download Padnet free edition installation from official website in here. The windows user selects the correct file (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • Install the planet just like normal applications. When it displays “Additional setups” window select your android device manufacture name. Just like following screenshot.
  • When the Windows security warring appears, click “Install this driver software anyway”, to processed the installation.
  • In the next step, you have to connect your android device to the computer via USB able. First disconnect phone from the PC, if it’s already connected, then enable your device “USB debugging” and “Unknown source”.
  • Now connect the phone to the PC.
  • In the network drivers installation wizard tick “Always trust software from “June Fabrics Technology inc.“” and click “Install” button and wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • When the padnet installation completed, you can see following screenshot type window. If you need to use Padnet application select its option, if you don’t untick its options.

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