Root Galaxy Nexus Easily And Unlocking, Relocking and Unrooting Easily

Most of the Galaxy Nexus users require rooting, unlocking and re-locking their device more easily. However most of the methods have lots of steps. So its painful. Fortunately  now there is a all in one windows utility for unlocking and relocking bootloader, rooting and unrooting Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

This tool named as Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit v1.3. It can root Ice cream sandwich ( ICS ) and older versions ROM.


Rooting will be void your device warranty, as well as your device can be brick. Applying these methods you get a risk. 

If we look at its features,
  • Contain all the required drivers.
  • Factory reset.
  • Backup and restore apps and data.
  • Root and unroot
  • Contain Superuser.apk and su binaries. 
  • Flash Clockworkmod recovery.
  • Flash stock ROM and unroot.
  • Re-lock the device back to manufacture specifications
  • Rebooting into bootloader mode
  • Flash partition

Before use this tool fully backup your device including phone memory and SD card using “MyphoneExploere“, it can backup system apps and user apps, also backup SMS, Call logs.

Install Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit.

  1. First download toolkit in here.
  2. Double click on the exe file.
  3. Don’t connect your nexus phone until program promote.
  4. Before root the device you have to unlock its bootloader.  

How to Unlock Galaxy Nexus bootloader using Root Toolkit v1.3

When you use some options in this tool, it will open Windows command prompt and give you some instructions to follow.

  1. Run the toolkit. 
  2. Select your device type in “Select your model type” section. 
  3. Click on the “Drivers” button to confirm that all the required drivers installed properly, if there is any issue Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit will be automatically installed them. It will take a few minutes to complete the installation process. 
  4. Connect your device via USB cable. 
  5. Click on the “List device” button for verifying your Galaxy nexus will configure successfully. If your device serial number listed on the CMD window go to the next step. If not restart the computer and again install the drivers.
  6. Perform full backup using “Backup Apps + Data” option. 
  7. Enable USB debugging on your nexus. To do that go to  “Settings > Developer options” check “USB debugging
  8. Navigate to the “Unlock+root” section and click on the “Unlock” and now windows cmd will be open and press “Enter” key on your keyboard to continue this process.
  9. Follow the windows command prompt instructions.
  10. Now you are successfully unlocked the Samsung Galaxy Nexus bootloader, and you can root the device.

    How to Root Galaxy Nexus using Root Toolkit v1.3

    1. First unlock the bootloader, if you have not done it, just follow above process.
    2. Enable your phone USB debugging by “Settings > Developer options” and check on “USB debugging“.
    3. Click on the “Root” button on Galaxy Nexus Root Toolkit v1.3
    4. Now windows command prompt will be open and follow its instructions. 

      After you got rooted Superuser.apk app and Clockwork mod recovery will be installed on your galaxy nexus.

      How to UnRoot and Relock bootloader, Galaxy Nexus using Root Toolkit v1.3.

        1. Backup apps and data by using “Backup+data” option.
        2. Go to the “Back to 100% Stock” section and click on the “ Flash Stock+Unroot” and wait for a few seconds.
        3. Finally click on the “OEM lock” button.

            Restore backup Apps and Data.

            After followed above instructions and successfully rooted you can restore all the backup files.

            1. Run toolkit.
            2. Click “Restore Apps+Data” button and browse the files saved location.

            Now you can install a custom ROM in your device, check available best Galaxy Nexus (GSM, CDMA) ROM in here.

            via Galaxy Nexus forum.

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