Top 10 Antivirus Security Apps For Android Phone And Tablets [ Best, Free, Paid Review]

There are plenty of free and paid android antivirus security apps for Android. They can scan  applications for malware, detect installed apps permission, backup data and also include anti-theft features for track and recover your lost or stolen device and remotely control it.

However all the apps don’t work as they mention. is an independent IT security institution, that test and rate computer and Smartphone security software. They  used various kinds of test for rate those applications.

I added android antivirus apps according to the “” latest report (02/2012). You can get that report in here, (download it as a PDF here). According to that report, we added its top 10 best detection rate products according to the alphabetic order. All these android antivirus apps detection rate is more than 90%. So you can select one of the app, if they satisfy your needs and requirements. Most interesting this is Norton, AVG, Bitdefender are not on this list.

Android Virus

This post includes Avast, Dr. Web, F-Secure, Ikarus, Kaspersky, Lookout, McAfee, MYAndroid Protection, NQ Mobile and Zoner.



Avast! Mobile Security [Free Phone and Tablet].

Avast mobile security

Avast is one of the all in one Antivirus and Anti-Theft application for the android phone and tablet devices. Currently its 100% free, but we can’t expect its all the features will be totally in the future. Avast mobile security for Android app can automatic scans for virus. It has the ability to detect virus, Trojan, spyware, etc malware. Besides that normal security features, its scans web links to detect whether they are infected by the malware.

This is the only one security app, that has a firewall component. However to use it, you have to root your phone (methods in here and in here). Using this firewall, you can block unwanted apps internet connection and specify which app use which connects.

Avast mobile security android app, the anti – theft function has higher tracking capability than others. For an instance user can hide anti-theft plug-in in the application menu as well as the task manager. Make it so hard for a thief to uninstall. Apart from that, rooted user can remotely enable GPS antenna for improving the tracking performances. However user can’t control his/here device using the web portal. All the controls should be done via SMS commands. Avast work fine on tablet devices, but some features isn’t working all the devices. For instance if your tablet doesn’t have a SIM card, anti-thief not work.

Key features.

  • Antivirus feature available, on-demand, scheduling and custom scan.
  • Automatic virus definition updates.
  • Detect and remove malware.
  • Privacy guard scans installed apps permissions.
  • Setup PIN number for preventing unauthorized usage.
  • SMS and Call Filtering.
  • App Manager displays all the running apps, running services, CPU usage, used memory, etc.
  • Web Shield scans web links and its use “WebRep cloud” technology,
  • Firewall for block apps internet connectivity.
  • Advanced Anti-Theft function.
  • App Disguiser let users to use a custom name for the anti-theft plugin.
  • Stealth Mode hides anti-theft app icon and shortcut, but user access it using the phone keypad.
  • Self-protection against unauthorized un-installation.
  • SIM Card change notification  with new number with its Geo-location.
  • Add trusted SIM Cards List.
  • SMS commands for locating stolen or lost phone. Available remotely wipe phone internal and external memory, enable siren, lock the phone, convert and forward calls, restart the device.


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Dr. Web Antivirus [Free and Paid – Phone].

Dr.Web Anti-virus

This app can protect your Android Smartphone against known and unknown viruses, trojan, spam use “Doctor Web” anti-virus security technology. Moreover it uses small resources, so it’s not affecting your phone performances and its battery life.

Dr. Web anti-virus Light android security app has a unique malware detection technique. It uses knowledge of the previous detected threats for detecting the new and emerging malware. They called this system Origins Tracing.

Key features .

  • Real-time anti-virus protection.
  • Monitor the file system using SpIDer Guard.
  • Detect, neutralization and quarantine viruses, spyware, Trojan and other threats.
  • On demand scanner.
  • Detect SD card windows computer malware such as “auto-run” and “Exploit.Cpllnk”.
  • Full detail report.
  • Home screen widgets.

Download ,

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IKARUS LITE [Free-Phone].

This is another trusted app in the Google play store. IKARUS is an Austrian company. This security app provides protection against the known and unknown virus, trojans, spyware apps. It has a user friendly graphical interface. However its not available anti-theft and backup features.

Key features.

  • Scan for malware.
  • Quarantine and remove virus, spyware and trojans.
  • Automatic and manual update.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Display current scan progress in the notification area.


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