How To Connect To A WiFi Network Android Phone

WiFi is the popular data exchange technology. Most of the time we can download large files using this connection,with lower cost. If you don’t have a proper data plan, its better use a WiFi connection. If your home has an ADSL internet connection, you can share it with your android phone by using a WiFi enabled router. As well as if your area has WiFi connection you can connect it.
There are open and encrypted connections. Encrypted connect require a password, for establishing a connection with your phone. 


This post, I’m going to show you how to setup a WiFi network connection on your android phone. 

Automatically scan connection.
  • Go to settings>Wireless & network settings>Wi-Fi settings.
  • Tick the “Wi-Fi”
  • Now your phone search available WiFi connections.  
  • If it’s an open network tap on it to establish a connection with your phone.
  • If it’s a secure connect submit your router “Pre-Shared Key”
  • Now it automatically authenticate and obtain an IP address. 
  • Once you have submitted password, it will save on your phone, so no need to submit it again and again.

Manually setup connection.

  • Navigate to the “settings>Wireless & network settings>Wi-Fi settings”
  • Tick the “Wi-Fi”
  • Now tap on the “Add Wi-Fi network”
  • Now submit your “Network SSID”, that mean your connection name.
  • Under the security select your connection Encryption technology.
  • If you select other-than Open submit its password. 
  • Finally tap “Save”

Edit Advanced settings. 

Using this advanced setting, you can modify the WiFi policy for automatic enable disable when screen off, add an IP address, Gateway, Netmask, DNS.

  • Navigate to the “settings>Wireless & network settings>Wi-Fi settings”
  • Enable WiFi connection.
  • Now tap your phone’s menu key. 
  • Tap “Advanced”
  • Now select “Wi-Fi sleep policy” for automatically enable or disable when the screen on and off as well as no sleep.
  • If you need to add a static IP address, Gateway, Netmasks DNS, you can add them under the “IP settings” ( Optional ) Fill these settings if you know correct details, unless you can’t create your connection.

Once you have added details under the “IP Settings”, you can leave them blank, that means you have to provide some details. For instance if you don’t know your correct Gateway, but if you submitted a wrong detail, as a result of that your connection may not work. If you need to reset you have to reset your phone’s settings.

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