Replace and Customize Android Lock Screen Without Root Permission [ Modify System With Rooted].

Most of the cases we need root access for change the android lock screen and system behavior. So most of the people can’t change it. If you are not like your Android phone’s stock lock screen, now change it as you want with some limitations. CyanX Lock Lockscreen is a one of the coolest android app that can fully customize your lock screen.
Its most of the functions are not need root access, so if you don’t have rooted phone, it’s not an issue. Everyone can change the lock screen setting, it includes lock screens, gesture, setup PIN, Unlock using Home button, shake to unlock, etc. User can easily enable and disable this app service using apps top power button.

CyanX Lock Lockscreen replacement different screen

If we look at its key features,
  • Modify lock settings.
  • Change behavior.
  • Customize notification area.
  • Change lock screen background.
  • Apply different fonts style for unlock screen.
  • Modify different notifications colors (Missed call, Unread SMS Clock etc).
  • Home screen widget positions.
  • Create custom shortcuts to home screen.
  • Customize sounds and vibrate pattern. 
CyanX Lock - Lockscreen replacement setting
CyanX Lock – Lockscreen replacement require android 2.2.1 or latest version.  If you can’t reset the modifications, go to your phone “Settings>Applications>Manage applications>All” now find the “CyanX Lock” app and clear its data and cache, or uninstall the app.

Download the CyanX Lock on android market, 
via web browser
via play store app
scan QR code

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