Fix Google Play Store Package File Is Invalid, Download Unsuccessful

Sometimes when we try to download new apps on Google play store we receive “Package File is invalid“, “No download at all” or “Download unsuccessful” errors. Sometimes you may receive all of them. After you received this error we can’t install and update any apps on the Google Play store.

There are 5 ways to fix this issue. If first method doesn’t solve your problem then follow second method, likewise follow these 5 methods until your issue fix.

If we look at why Google play store app shows package file invalid error, main reason is continuous download failure and as a result of that market app and download manager cache memory full, so that there is no space for store new temp file. Then when you try to install new applications finally you will receive “Package File is Invalid”, “Download unsuccessful” etc errors.




First method (Clear data and cache).

  • First visit “Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications”.
  • Now Tap “All” and search Market app, and tap it.
  • Now tap “Clear cache” and “Clear data” and finally click “Uninstall updates”.

App info

  • Again follow the above process to “Download manager” and clear its cache and data.
  • Apart from that, if you use “Link2SD” for completely move apps to SD card, untick “Auto link” option.
  • Now restart your phone, and try to download new apps over the HSDPA connection. When I try to download new apps over the 2G connection its not a success.


Bounce method.

Avoid automatic Task killer and memory clener apps. When I use Memory Booster app, I used it “Auto Boost at Device lock”. In my situation, after I disabled that option, this issue fixed.


Second method.

Sometime your phone Google play store app may not automatically updated to the latest version. Therefore, your app may have some bugs. Download latest Play store app in here.


Third method ( Check available free space).

Before download new app check your phone’s internal and external memory free space. If there is no sufficient space for the new application, uninstall existing apps or delete files.


Forth method (connection test).

Try to download apps on both WiFi and data connection, in different time. If one connects successfully and other not work, the problem is that your network connection. Also you can use a VPN connection. There are several free VPN service apps on the Google play store. You can use Hideman VPN, Hotspot Shield VPN.


Fifth method ( WiFi router firewall test).

If you use a WI-Fi network, ensure that your WI-Fi router firewall doesn’t block Google Play access ports TCP and UDP 5228. If they block, unblock those ports.


Sixth method ( Install new Play store app).

If your existing application has an issue, it’s better to install a new application. You can get the new play store apk file in here.


Seventh method (Factory reset).

As I have previously mentioned this is more serious, this process we perform a factory reset. After that you will receive fresh status.


    1. Backup contact, important files, settings etc.
Before perform an Android factory reset make sure that your contacts, calendars are synced and up to date with Google accounts and other related accounts. If not visit

  • Go to “Settings> Accounts and Sync” and select “Auto Sync” or tap the account you want to sync and check “Sync Contacts”.
  • In addition to that backup important application, file notes settings using  backup guide in here.
  • Go to “Settings > Privacy” and check “Back up my data” and “Automatic restore”.

     2. How to use factory reset on Android.

  • Go to “Home > Menu > Settings > Privacy”
  • Now tap on “Factory data reset”.
  • Next window select “Reset phone” button (No need to erase SD card data so don’t check it).
  • Finally click “Erase everything”. After that your phone automatically restarts.

factory reset screenshot

Now you can again submit your Google account password and log-in to Google Play store and download and install apps.


Eighth method (Get the help).

Contact the Google play store support team in here.


Ninth method (Reinstall the ROM).

If non of the above methods work, now you have to reinstall your ROM. Re-installation affect phone memory and it will wipe all the data, settings, but its not affect SD card files. For better security backup all the data and apps to computer or SD card ( guide in here).

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