How To Backup Android Application, Data, Media

There are several reasons for backup android devices. If you are planning to root, flash a custom ROM or reset the device perform a backup apps, data and files are highly recommended. Unfortunately android ROM’s not come with a default backup apps. So we have to install a third party app on the Google Play Store. 

If you have rooted phone,you can additionally backup system apps but, if you use “MyPhoneExplore” windows computer application, you can backup system apps without root permission. 

This post we are going to show you, how to backup android phone using “MyBackup”. It’s a limited time free app and available rooted and unrooted devices. It allows user to store backups on a cloud.



  • Enable data or WiFi connection before run the app.
  • Available free SD card memory.

How to Backup Apps.

This process backup installed applications.

    • Run the app.
    • On the main menu tap on the “Backup”
    • Again tap on the “Application & Media”. 
    • Tap on the desire backup files save location, Local (SD card) or Online (Registered user).
    • Wait for a few seconds to generate available item list.
    • Select items that you want protect, you can select all the items at once or individual items.
    • Type suitable backup name or accept existing name.
    • Finally tap “OK”.

    How Backup Data.

    This process backup contacts, call logs, bookmarks, SMS, MMS, System settings, Android Home, Alarms, Dictionary, calender, play list.
    • Run the App.
    • On the main menu tap “Backup”
    • Next screen tap on “Data”
    • On the “Backup to”, select location for save files, Local (SD card) or Online (Cloud).
    • Now select which items show backup and tap on “OK”
    • Now type new name or accept existing name.
    • Press “OK”.

    How to restore backup.

    • Run the MyBackup
    • Select which items restore, it can be apps or data.
    • Select which place saved files should restore.
    • Select backup file that you want to restore.
    • On the “Restore?” window check items that you want restore on selected backup file.
    • Tap “OK”.

    If saved backup files locally, when you are going to root , flash a new ROM or perform a factory reset, move this backup file to another device or eject SD card.

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