Android Battery Calibration Phone, Tablet And Extend Longer Battery Life

Battery recalibration should do after the flashing a ROM, or if you feel battery is miscalibrated. There are mainly two ways to do this one. Manually and using an Android application. However to calibrate, you need to root your Android phone (methods in here and in here). If you don’t have root permission, you can use our newest guide How to calibrate android phone, tablet battery [ no root, with root calibration ] guide.

The importance of this process is after the calibration, it will give you more accurate battery level. Because of, after flashing a ROM sometimes old battery “batterystats.bin” files still remain. To remove it you have to do it.

Following android’s battery calibration methods can be used all the devices. No need to follow all the methods that I mention below, you can follow only one procedure. If you follow all the methods, is not an issue.

Manual android battery calibration [Physical].

Basically your phone all the battery information is saved on the “batterystats.bin” system file and its located at the “/data/system/” directory. In this process we are going to delete that file. Before do it follow these instructions.

  • First fully charge your phone and switch off while it’s charging and keep charging one hour.
  • Turn on the device.
  • Now use a file manager and go to the “/data/system/” directory and delete “batterystats.bin” file.
  • Now reboot the phone.
  • Wait for drain battery level, until it reaches 5% or automatically switch off.
  • Plug the charger and perform full charge cycle.
  • Now use your phone or tablet normally.


Using calibration application.


Currently we can identify two good android app that can use for the calibration process. Battery Calibration-NéMa and Battery Calibration-Professionals are good applications. But secondly mentioned app is not a free one.


How to use NéMa developer app.

As I previously mentioned battery information saved in “batterystats.bin“. This application doesn’t remove that file.

  • Install application,
  • Fully charge the battery without interruption.
  • Now run this calibration app and tap on the “Battery calibration” button.
  • Unplug the phone from the charger.
  • Now use the phone as normally.

Download app,
[google_app_box title=”Battery Calibration” url=”” ]



How to use Professionals developer app [Paid].

  • Install the application.
  • Plug the phone to the charger and fully charge it without interruption.
  • Tap on the Calibrate button.

Download app,
[google_app_box title=”Battery Calibration” url=”” ]

After you perform above instructions, you will receive a fresh battery system file. But don’t expect huge battery life.

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