How To Fix Bricked Sony Xperia Android Phone With Flashtool [ Unbrick ]

How to fix bricked my Sony Xperia phone? Is that the thing you search? Well you have come to the right place. Now your Xperia phone may not booting. After you installed incomparable ROM, kernels, recovery your phone can be bricked. In-addition to that as a result of the flashing process failure your phone can be bricked. Another word, it’s not power ON or it gives continuous boot loop.
If you’re still under the warranty period, it’s a big issue. Because now you totally void your Sony Xperia phone warranty.If your phone bricked when you are using it with a Sony PC companion or Sony update service applications, your warranty not void. Therefore you can submit your phone to the service center. But you can again recover using phone within a few minutes using this simple guide.

This post I’m going to show you how to fix your bricked Sony Xperia phone, which means unbrick your Xperia phone. This method works all most all of the Xperia phone. I can confirm it works  Arc S, Arc, Neo V, Neo, Ray, Pro, Live with walkman, Mini, Mini Pro, Active, Xperia S, Xperia Sola, P, Xperia U , Go, T, TL SL, V, and TX, Xperia Z etc all the devices. (Sometime your device my hasn’t listed in there, but it should work)

This method doesn’t require unlock the bootloader or root permission. Any Sony Android user can apply and it will not void the warranty.

Sony Xperia
This method I only tested on a Windows computer, however this tool work with the Mac and Linux operating systems.


  • If your device damage by following this method, I can’t get its responsibility. Yes there’s no way to brick it, because of your phone already bricked. 😉 😛
  • This method not working with the Sony’s official Flashtool application, so don’t use it.


  • Download the flshtool in here. (This is not the Sony’s flashtool, it can’t do this work).
  • Download suitable firmware for your device in here.




Fix bricked Sony Xperia Any Phone Using Flashtool.


  • Extract the downloaded firmware until you receive “.tft” file.
  • After the flashtool installation finished, unplug your phone from the computer.
  • Power off your Xperia phone. If it continually reboots, pull out the battery and wait 30 seconds. If you have a non-removable battery, it should have an option to force power off few key combinations. For an instance Power, Volume Up keys. These keys different from phone to phone.
  • Click “Flashtool” thunder button, like following screen shot.
Flash button
  • On the “Mode selector” window tick flash mode.
  • If your firmware doesn’t display in the firmware selection window, browse the ftf firmware file saved folder.
  • In the “Select a Firmware” section, choose the correct firmware for your phone. (If you have more than one)
  • Make sure that the right side “Wipe cache”, “Wipe User Data” options are ticked. These options much ticked.


  • Finally click the “OK” button to start the flashing process.
  • Enable your bricked phone flash mode. 2012 and 2011 series user should press and hold the “Volume down” key, Arc, Arc S, Neo, Neo v user should press and hold the “Back” key.
  • Now press and hold the flashmode key and connect your phone into the computer via USB cable.
  • If it promotes to disconnect phone from the PC and press back key pop-up window, just like bellow. Ignore it, but don’t try to close it. Wait for a few seconds, it automatically closes.


  • Now it displays the installation progress at the main Window, after the installation finished, flashtool display success. Then disconnect your phone from the computer and power on.
  • First boot will take a few minutes.
  • Once it’s booted, log-in to your Google account and set up other options and settings as you wants.

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