Automatic Upload, Sync Android Camera Photos, Images With Dropbox Free

There are many ways to automatically sync and upload your Android phone camera photo with Dropbox,, Ubuntu one its personal cloud services. Unfortunately most of those services official cloud mobile apps still can’t automatically sync with the camera folder. Important of this type of service is you don’t need to manually copy paste or synchronize your images with multiple devices.

Ubuntu one Android app can do it. We already publish how to upload Android camera photos to your personal cloud using two posts. Using Ubuntu one and Folder Sync folder app.

Today we are going to introduce another free android application called “Syncly”. Using this free tool, users can automatically save pictures in Dropbox account. This app gives better protection for your important moments and memories.
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Now you need not connect your Android phone to your personal computer and upload them. This app makes it easier. User can select WI-Fi or 3G for auto upload; it’s a better option that can use for saves mobile data traffic.However it’s not used both side sync, that mean if you delete your phone images they are still available on the Dropbox cloud. So you can free up, your memory card anytime you want.Features.

  • Automatic and manually upload photos to Dropbox.
  • User can select a sync connection.
  • Capture photo directly Syncly.
  • View all the uploaded and waiting images.




How to Auto upload and Sync Dropbox with Android phone.

  • First download Syncly on the Google Play store in here.
  • After the installation completed, run the application and create a new Syncly account.
  • In the next step you need to grant permission, to do that log-in to your Dropbox account using this application and “Grant permission” by tapping on “Allow” button.

Syncly app login

  • Almost done now, in the next step select which internet connection should use, it can be Data or WI-Fi or combination of them. Now it automatically starts upload.
Syncly app sync connection
  • Syncly not only detect camera photo folder, it can scan screen shots saved folders in your SD card. So this is smarter than our previous methods. It need android 2.1 or above operating system with data or Wi-Fi connection. You can visit the developer site in here syncly.

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