How To Move Android Phone Memory Apps to SD Card Without Root

Android has lots of free and cool apps. If you have low phone memory, you may want to move that app into your new external memory SD card.  Android support move apps to SD, but it doesn’t move apk file.

If you have root permission it better to use our newest guide “How to completely move android apps to SD card” post. That method we can move apps apk file, cache and dalvik-cache to the SD 2nd partition. But in this method we can’t do such a thing. Link2SD method more effective than this one.

This process gives you more internal memory, because it move your internal memory data into your external memory card. Now there are few free and paid applications for that. App 2 SD is one of the popular application moving tool. It uses native apps moving technique.

This application can move apps to SD card and SD card apps to internal memory. Apart from that, users can view all the movable applications.  When you install a new app this tool automatically notifies if it’s a movable application.

In addition to the major uses, this tool gives you uninstall any user application, backup installed apps list, view app Google Play page and clear all the cache just one tap.

Apps to SD Key features.

  • Move apps into the external SD card.
  • Move SD card apps into the phone memory.
  • View all SD card capable apps and move them seamlessly.
  • Automatically notify when you are installing new movable apps.
  • Can clear app cache in one tap.
  • Display all the application cache, data, code and total size.
  • Display available and total space.
  • Sort apps in phone and SD card.
  • Can add movable apps to the ignore list.
  • View app on Android Market.
  • Uninstall applications.
  • Open applications.
  • Show applications detail page
  • Support “Move2SD Enabler”
  • Notification via sound, vibrate and light (can customize).
  • Home screen app2SD widget displays the available size and cache.


As I mentioned earlier, this application can use with and without the root. If your installed apps don’t support SD card, this tool can’t do anything. But if use can use the Link2SD, it can move any apps into the SD. Apps2Sd give better information about all the installed user apps, it categorizes all the apps according to movable, on SD and phone.


After you move apps into SD card apps shortcuts will disappear in your home screen. It is a common thing for Android. This application requires Android 2.2 or above operating system. However, still user can’t bulk move apps to SD or Phone, this app use Android default apps properties window for moving applications.


AppMgr III (App 2 SD)
AppMgr III (App 2 SD)
Developer: Sam Lu
Price: Free+


There are two versions. Free and paid. Free version shows small advertisement at the bottom of the window. But there’s no any features differently. The major importance of this app is it shows all the movable apps and provide notification. Therefore, you can easily move them into your SD card.


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