Import Facebook Calendar To Android Phone, Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal Free

Facebook Android app can’t sync or import your account calendar and its events with/to your phone. As well as there is no way to sync it with the Google and Outlook or download as an iCal file.  However just a little trick, we can import your Facebook account friends birthdays and events to the Android phone calendar. Then we can sync it with the Google or outlook etc.

After you have imported all the birthdays you can uninstall these free apps on your phone. Once your birthdays on Google calendar, it will alert you if there’s a birthday.

This process we need My Facebook Calender and MyPhoneExplorer free android apps. In addition to that we have to use  MyPhoneExplorer computer application.

Facbeook calendar sync with Google


How to import Facebook calendar to Android phone, Google Calender or outlook.

Import Calender from Facebook to Android calender.

  • Download Facebook Calendar from the Google Play store in here.
  • Install My Phone Explorer app on your phone in here. Computer application in here.
  • Run the Facebook calender app on your Android phone.
  • Submit your Facebook account user name and password to log in.
  • Grant permission to access your details.
  • Touch its Sync button that I mention following screen shot.


  • Now it imports Facebook birthday, events and calendar. Wait for a few seconds to finish its job. Then this application saves them in your phone. But still there are not on your Google calendar, because of both services are separate things.
  • Run  the MyPhoneExplorer application on your phone and computer.
  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB, WI-FI or Bluetooth . If you have any trouble while connecting your phone with the PC, you can follow this My Phone Explorer tutorial.
  • Now go to the MyPhoneExplorer’s “file>setting> Sync”.

Sync options



Sync with the Google, Outlook etc.

  • Go to main window “Organizer” option and click the top toolbar “Download entries” button and wait for a few seconds to import items from your Android phone.

Import form phone

  • Now you need to sync imported calender with other services such as Google, Outlook or as an iCal file. To do that go to the organizer main window, click top toolbar sync button (under the “Organizer” right click on the “Calender” and select sync).

Sync button

  • In confirm window edit or delete entries that you want and synchronization type.
  • Now everything is done.


If you need to import Facebook calendar as a “. Ics”, after following above process go to your Google Calendar account >Calender Setting> Calender” and click “Export” button.

Impotent of this kind of synchronization is you can get an SMS, email alerts from Google, as well as received notifications from your phone for the special events and birthdays.

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