Fix This Item Cannot Be Installed In Your Device’s Country Play Store

Sometimes when you try to install new apps, you receive “This Item cannot be installed in your device’s country” warning.  Most of Some time, this issue display with “This app is incompatible with your devices“. Its not your device incompatibles. There is another reason for that, some app developers create filters to their apps using Geo location.

In this situation they use the Geo-filter. Therefore app, that you try to install not available to your country android devices. Most of the situation, we can’t find this type of Geo-filter on USA citizen. Just using a little app, we can remove this barrier.

When you browse the app using your phone’s “Play store” app, you will never face this sort of issue. Although, if you visit the play store using a direct link or a web browser you will receive it.

Now it’s not an issue. Earlier post, I show that, how to fix “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country issue“. Today I’m going to show you another method to fix this restriction.

Google Play Store Error

Market enabler is one of the free android app, which available on the Google code ( not the play store). It also has similar features to the earlier post I introduced “market Unlocker“.


Applying this method at your own risk, sometime Google can ban your Play store account. So create a secondary Google account and log-in to the play store using that account and follow this method.


How to Fix This Item Cannot Be Installed In Your Device’s Country On Google Play Store.

  • Market enabler need the root permission, so first root your phone. (One click root guide in here) ( guide in here)
  • First download and install the market enabler using one of the following links ( currently its not available on the Play store).

Download app in here or in here

  • After the installation complete, run the app
  • Navigate to the “Actual” tab, and tap the “Save current settings” button

Market Enabler app

  • Go to the “Settings list” tab, and select a “US” based mobile network carriers and tap and hold finger on the the selected carrier.

Market Enabler App

  • Now the small context menu will appear, tap its “fake this provider now”

Start Market Enabler

  • Grant the root permission
  • Now you’re almost done, go to the play store and download the app that you want, without any regional restriction.
  • No need to restart the phone for apply the changes.

Unfortunately this app can’t automatically start-up with the system, if you need that feature, it’s better to use “market unlocker“. It can permanently unlock the regional restrictions.

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