How to Remotely Download Google Play Store/ Android Market Apps Using A Computer

There’s an only one accepted method to download apps on the Google Play Store. Its use your android device market app. Google already let user to download apps remotely to their devices using web Play Store/Google Play Store. We already posted “how to download Google play store apps to a computer“. This method rather different than it.

This method you can’t save huge bandwidth than, downloading apk files to a computer method. Using the following method you can download free and paid apps.

  • First go to “” and log-in to your Google account using a computer.
  • Now browse applications, that you want to install.
  • Go to app page and check whether its compatible with your android device or not. If its support you can see “This app is compatible with all of your devices.” in the left side (like following screenshot).
  • Enable your android phone, tablet data connection or WiFi connection.
  • If it a compatible click on “Install” button. 
  • Now small flash/popup menu will appear, if you have multiple devices select which device to install this application. 
  • If its paid app, proceed purchasing via Google wallet by click on the “Continue” button. If its a free app click on the “Install” button.  
  • Wait for a few seconds to start the download. 

After you click on the install button you can see “Your download will be started shortly” message.

Some people believe that, we can remotely install tracking app to track your already lost or stolen device. It’s impossible, because of almost all the tracking app need to create an account and log-in. So don’t expect that kind of thing using this method. Using this method you can only install applications. But you can use the Lookout Plan B app, to track already stolen android phone, tablets.

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