How To Calibrate Android Phone, Tablet Battery [ No Root, With Root Calibration ]

How to calibrate android battery? This comes to your mind, if your battery draining rapidly or is it misbehave. There are many reasons for android battery miscalibrate. But after the successful calibration android phone battery we can expect fair battery life span.

There are several ways for this. We already published android battery calibration with root, however some android expert, mention that, delete “/data/system/batterystats.bin” file, not enough, charging and discharging is the best method. This post, method can use rooted and unrooted devices.

Non Root calibrate method.

  • Waite until your phone’s battery level reach 0% and automatically switch off. Actually your phone battery not drain to 0%,
  • Now fully charge your phone without switch on.
  • After it reached 100% charge another 30 minutes without interrupting.
  • Now disconnect the phone from the charger and power on. Wait until the phone boot.
  • Again connect the phone to the charger and charge another 30 minutes
  • Now again disconnect the phone from the charger and power off the device
  • After the phone fully power off, connect the charger and leave 30 minutes
  • Disconnect the phone from the charger and boot
  • Again charge the phone 30 minutes now see the battery life.
This method number of charging and discharging are not constancy. When i use this method it gives good result.


Root battery calibration method.

Before follow this method, you need to root and install clockwork mod (CWM) recovery or a root file browser on your phone or tablet. If your device has both of them, I recommend to use the CWM.
  • Follow the above calibration method.
  • After followed its final step, reboot phone into the recovery
  • Navigate to the clockwork mod’s “Advanced>Wipe Battery stats” and delete the battery stats file
  • If clockwork mod recovery not available for your device, boot phone normally and install the root file browser.
  • Run the file browser and go to the “/data/system” and find the “batterystats.bin” file and delete it and reboot the phone.


However your phone, tablet battery life depends on how you use it, if you’re a heavy user and enable GPS, WiFi, data on 24/7/365 and use higher brightness your phone’s battery drain rapidly. Apart from that, AMOLED display eat higher power than other screen, so adjust screen brightness to a favorable level.

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