Best Virtual Assistant For Android Robin, Alternative For Galaxy And Siri

Virtual assistant for android, yes now its available. Apple firstly introduce a virtual assistants for the iPhone, after that Samsung mobile introduce another app for their Galaxy s3. Currently there are few alternatives in the Play store android market. But their accuracy and reliability is questionable. Robin is one of the best virtual assistance android apps. It’s specialized for the road related assistance, however using Robin, we can easily open our phone apps, send SMS and emails, make a call, etc. Unfortunately it can’t close the app. 

It uses Google maps, so it only displays USA navigation and traffic, apart from that, it can display nearest car park, its cost and its distance from current location. Currently this app still in the beta stage, but when I’m testing it, works fine without any issue. But sometimes it gives me funny answers.

Like other similar apps, this application has a female voice, and it uses the Google voice for identifies your commands. Currently this app can do following this for you, display directions, local places, nearest parking, traffic info, gas prices, weather, open installed apps, make jokes, etc. And you can explore many more things using it.
After you have done one job, for instance check the weather now just say “wave hello” or just wave your hand or stroke above the screen, now again robin will start to help you. Wow is it cool? However if you close the Robin app using home or back buttons, this trick now works.

Waving your hand and stroking above the screen, functions work if your phone has the required sensors. Developer mention that, if you face any inconvenient using this app, report them to fix it.

Get the Robin virtual assistance android app at the paly store using following links.
Via play store, via web browser, scan QR code.
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