Top 5 Best Free Android Weather Widget Apps Review

Android devices have huge collection of free and paid weather condition forecast widgets. So selecting a best app is somewhat hard process. Because you need to compare their features and widget themes/style.

Almost all these applications use Accuweather forecast, so reliability and trustworthiness not affect. Moreover they use wireless connections for detecting your current location.

Following apps has a weather widget with/and clock and available in different themes. I added them according to their number of ratings. All of them are ads free but they are completely free.
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AccuWeather for Android.

AccuWeather Android application, can provide accurate and localized weather forecasting. It has weather in 23 different languages with customizable colors and themes. Apart from that share information in different social media sharing. Forecasts include hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours with day and night information.


Key Features.

  • Provide customized worldwide location forecasts.
  • Automatically updated every 15 hours (can customize).
  • Set weather notification alarm, for different climate changes including rain, snow, ice, wind speed, etc.
  • Automatically detect the current location using wireless connections.
  • Day and night forecast information include temperatures, climate changes alarms, precipitation type with the amount, wind speed.
  • Use Google Maps assistance for display weather.
  • Share weather details with available sharing options in your home.
  • Phone notification bar display current or home location temperature and it can customize.
  • Save unlimited worldwide locations with maximum 10 favorite.
  • Favorite locations display current forecasted temperature with small information.
  • Customizable color with cool themes.
  • Use metric or imperial units.
  • Available 12 hour and 24 hour time display.

Download app,

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GO Weather.

GO Weather also provides reliable and higher accurate weather forecasting information around the world at anytime. They use Accuweather and other services. Apart from that, it has cool animated backgrounds according to the current conditions. The user can apply tons of free and paid attractive themes according to preferences. Humidity, sunrise and sunset times, wind speed, high and low temperature information also available.
GO Weather Forecast & Widget

  • Provide current location and custom location weather conditions.
  • Display today and this week information.
  • Available 3D HD (high definition) weather videos.
  • Custom animation.
  • Access world wide locations.
  • Save up to 10 favorite and regular locations for quick access.
  • Offline view available.
  • Different style home screen widget.
  • Live Wallpaper.

Download app,

[google_app_box title=”GO Weather.” url=”” ]




Animated Weather Widget, Clock.

Animated Weather Widget, Clock application provide current and expected weather conditions in current and custom locations around the world. Also it has fancy live wallpapers with exciting themes and video effects. These videos include rain, cloudy, sunshine and snow. Its home screen widget has the digital clock. There are different type home screen widgets gallery, some of them are combined with a clock but some of them are not.



  • Daily, weekly forecast
  • Video effects.
  • Multiple scene landscapes
  • Add custom backgrounds according to user preferences.
  • Automatically refresh.
  • Data in Metric or Imperial.
  • Animated stylish widget
  • Live wallpapers
  • Add multiple locations.
  • Use GPS location for detecting accurate location.
  • Video effects
  • Different themes and skin.

Download app,

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Fancy Widgets.

Fancy widget really fanciable and customizable widgets for the Android phone. It available clock widgets, weather widgets and combination of them and with lots of user customization options. This is one of my favorite application. It uses phone GPS antenna and wireless connections for detecting location. Apart from that its use Accuweather and Google weather services. User can specify how to refresh such as every unlock, every hour etc. Actually it has more than 20 different customization options in its setting. In addition to that user can apply free and paid themes ( download ).

Fancy Widgets

  • Clock with customizable format
  • Today, this week’s weather forecast.
  • Available to select Google or AccuWeather services.
  • Use Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature format.
  • Manually add or auto detect locations.
  • Configurable forecast refresh interval.
  • Useful additional information ex- battery level, etc.
  • Configurable what to do tap on the widget.
  • Display sunrise and sunset time.
  • View moon phase.
  • Refresh over the WI-Fi option.
  • Available more than 20 user customization options.

Download app,
[google_app_box title=”Fancy Widgets.” url=”” ]




Android Weather.

Android Weather, also reliable weather information providing application. It displays the current weather condition with temperature, humidity, wind speed, and sky status (cloudy, etc.). Apart from that user can view next four days weather forecast. This app also uses GPS antenna to automatically determine accurate location, also user can add custom location. Its information statistics such as temperature, that also has customizable formats.



  • Provide current and next 4 days weather forecast.
  • Different style home screen widgets.
  • The widget has click-able areas with predetermined different options.
  • Automatic and manually add locations.
  • Refresh only WI-Fi option.
  • Select preferred format “Celsius or Fahrenheit”.
  • Automatically update or manual update.
  • Localized language support.

Download app,
[google_app_box title=”Android Weather.” url=”” ]


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