Easily Unblock Websites Android Phone, Tablet With Proxy Web Browser Without Root

When we need to unblock the website using your android phone or tablet, normally we use proxy or a VPN connections. However to apply proxy network to the Android devices, we need root permission. Now we can surf the web event if it’s blocked by your ISP or your network administrator.

The most significant thing it does not require the root access. Unlike other proxy enabled web browser on the Google play store, this application doesn’t require install any additional apps. Therefore it’s a big advantage of the free app.

This is a free app but support ads. In it main window you can see Google, Facebook and Yahoo quick links. Moreover it compatible with the Facebook mobile version site.

Proxy Browser App


  • Hides real IP address.
  • Modifiable cookies.
  • Remove browsing history when close the app.
  • Unblocks any blocked websites.
  • Protect user anonymity.
  • Select different browser client (iPhone/android/blackberry/PC etc).
  • Easily bypass firewalls filters.
  • Available Multiple proxy servers.
  • Support multiple IP addresses.

Proxy + Privacy Browser free version display ads at the top. There also ads-free paid version. Unfortunately still their paid version not available on the Play store. You have to get it in the amazon app store. If you are outside of the USA/ non USA citizen you can use “Market unlocker” for purchased that paid version.

Proxy Browser app screenshot

[google_app_box title=”Proxy + Privacy Browser” url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.smartwebs.privacy_browser” ]

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