Unread SMS Notification Reminder App For Android

Unread SMS Reminder is a free android app that can give you notifications for the unread text messages. Sometime you may not aware the unread messages. Using this free app you can get free audio, vibrate and flashlight notifications. Moreover you can choose the time intervals for notifications, vibrate time and flashlight time.
Its simple application, main menu it shows all the available options. To active the service ticks “Enable” option. 
Unfortunately current version there’s no option to select a custom sound. But user can adjust the vibrate

How to enable service.
  • Download app from the Google play store in here.
  • After the installation completed run the app.
  • Tick “Enabled” option.
  • Check other available options as you want. For instance, if you need sound notifications tick “Sound”
  • Close the app.

This app run as a background service, after you close it.

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