Install Android 4.2 Camera, Gallery APK Apps ICS And Jellybean ROM (Android 4.0.4 & 4.1.1, Download)

Google latest android 4.2 jelly bean has some fantastic apps. Its camera and galley apps have more features than the older version. Fortunately now android 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich and android 4.1 jelly bean user can download and install the gallery and camera apps.

In order to follow this tutorial, you have to root your device. Installing a custom recovery not an essential thing, but if you have, it makes this method easier. The new app has following features, panorama, photosphere, photo editing, sphereview, ordinary camera and video functions. 

(image credit:-Google nexus)

  • Photosphere mode, let you take 360 degree panoramic pictures. 
  • Save images JPEGs.
  • Photo editing.
  • email images.
  • posted to Google+.

How to install android 4.2 jelly bean camera and gallery app ICS and JB ROM.

This flashable zip file posted on the XDA forum AT&T Galaxy Note I717 sub-forum. I have tested it Sony Xperia phone, which running the latest CyanogenMod 9.1 ROM and it works without any issue. I think it work all other devices. But Photosphere camera mode requires a gyroscope sensor.

Install app via recovery.
  • Download the camera & Gallery Apps flashable zip file in here.
  • Copy it to your phone SD card.
  • Power off the phone and boot into the recovery mode.
  • First make a complete nandroid backup by navigating “Backup and restore>Backup“.
  • When it’s completed go back to the main menu and select “Install zip from sd card>Choose zip from sd card” and select the downloaded “” file.
  • To begin the installation select “Yes – Install“.
  • When it’s completed reboot the phone by selecting “reboot system now”.
  • After that edit the “build.prop” file. (instructions are at the bottom of this post)
Manually copy apps and lib files to system.
  • Install a root browser from the Google play store. (Get Root browser lite in here).
  • Download the camera and galley apps in here.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file and copy it app folder and lib folders contain files into the SD card separate folder.
  • Open the root browser. 
  • Copy “GalleryGoogle.apk” file.
  • Paste it “System/app” folder.
  • Now we have to change the permission, to do that press and hold the figure on the “GalleryGoogle.apk” file.
  • In the context menu tap permissions like following screenshot.
  • After that copy the other “.so” files and paste them “System/lib” folder.
  • Change that copied files permission, just like above 7th step.
  • Now edit the build.prop file. (Read the end of the post instructions).
  • Reboot the phone to apply the installation. 

Apply “build.prop” edit.

In order to use this app Photo Sphere camera, it needs the gyro sensor. Make sure that you have that sensor. If you have that sensor edit the build.prop file. If you don’t have no need to follow this step.

Some devices after you change the build.prop model and brand name, your device may not boot. At that time you have to restore the old backup or flash the unedited “build.prop” file.

  • Install build.prop file editor for Google play store in here. If you installed “root browser lite“, it has a build-in build.prop editor.
  • Run the app and grant the root permission.
  • Search “Ro.product.model”. Change it as “Galaxy Nexus” without quotes. 
  • Next search “Ro.product. brand”, change it as ” Google” without quotes.
  • Now we have to reboot the phone to apply these changes.


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