Best Free Root Battery Saver CPU Controller Battery Doctor Android App

Battery Doctor is a one of the best free battery saver apps and RAM booster for Android. It works with and without the root. Root enabled user can adjust the CPU frequency when it’s necessary. For an instance when the screen OFF, it reduces the CPU frequency. This is one of the easy battery saver apps for Android. It is not has complicated settings, options and UI.

This tool can reduce the Android battery draining  speed in considerable amount. Mainly it disables unnecessary applications on your device. Kill apps once the screen off, apply different power saving profiles, kill tasks enable disable GPS, WiFI, data and adjust screen brightness. They are the main feature that can use every user. If you have to be rooting Android phone, tablet you can use to adjust CPU frequency when the screen turn OFF.

The Battery Doctor Android app can estimate expected remain battery time and expected charging completed time. It’s a good option to effectively use your phone, tablet for saving power.

The user can apply two different power saving modes. They are super saving and silent modes. Apart from that user can customize pre-set profiles as well as create own profile according to own requirements. In addition to that, users can schedule those power saving modes to automate battery saver.

Battery Doctor screenshot

In  this Android battery saver smart mode, user can disable  auto start apps, enable low power notification, kill apps and even enable CPU management to enhance power consumption efficiency.  Like other ordinary RAM and Task manager apps, it allows user to whitelist apps. Therefore it’s better add your media player, etc background running apps to whitelist. Otherwise these application services can be interrupted by this tool. Unlike other competitive apps on the Google play, this one has unique features with attractive user interface (UI).


Battery Doctor features.

  • Disable unnecessary apps.
  • One click Task Killer.
  • Automatically kill apps when screen is off.
  • Forecast battery remaining time.
  • Estimate charges remaining time.
  • Pre-set power saving modes.
  • Schedule power saving modes.
  • Easily toggle Wifi, Data, Bluetooth, GPS and adjust brightness, volume.
  • Adjust CPU frequency for rooted phones.
  • Monitor battery temperature.

The CPU management option will reduce the CPU frequency level when it’s not necessary. For an instance, when the screen OFF it adjusts the minimum frequency. However it’s not disable the extra cores when it’s unnecessary (in multi-core processor devices). We can’t see this feature on almost all the Android battery saver apps. That is why I mentioned this is one of the best apps on Google Play store.

Auto sync is a one of the biggest power consumption feature in Android device. As a result of auto-sync, it prevents deep sleep. Therefore your Android device processor continuously works. Using this free app, we can automate auto sync with its profiles.

Like ordinary applications it displays  top power consumed apps with the percentage. Using that option you can identify and uninstall lots of power eating apps.

When the user run the Battery Doctor app first time, it creates two shortcuts on your home screen. One for battery doctor switcher, another one is Task killer. Using switcher shortcut we can easily enable, disable WiFi, Data, Brightness, Volue etc options. Apart from that, users can toggle power saving modes.

This app developed by the KS mobile. Like their Clean Master app, this one also a totally free application.

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