How To View Android Each Apps Battery Usage Free

There is no proper way to check each running up battery usage. Instead of that, it displays top power consumption hardware and applications list. It doesn’t provide correct picture. Sometime major battery eating apples are not listed in there. Moreover we can’t see all the applications battery usage.

The majority of new Android phone has a super quality display like AMOLED, they need more energy. Every application doesn’t use the same power, moreover as a result of some bugs, those applications use higher amounts of electricity.

As a result of the above reason, your battery power drain more rapidly. If we can track these evil apps you can remove them in your Android phone.

Battery usage report

Due to the above issue, it’s better to use battery electricity usage monitoring app. These applications track each application power consumption. Where’s My Droid Power is the free Android application for this. Apart from that user can force to close, view their details, switch to and uninstall app.  To close application tap My Droid Power main windows required app, then select detail and tap on “Force stop”. However this free android tool not listed system application battery usage.

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