Open Non English Language (Characters) Web Site Pages On Android

When we want to view a web page we need to install required fonts on our Android phone/tablet.  Most of the devices English fonts are pre-installed. This issue mainly face if you use English as a secondary language.  If you don’t have required fonts, when you visit non-English web sites, then you can’t read those site text. Rooted Android user can easily install the necessary  fonts on their phone. If your phone warranty period not expired then it should not root. But we can again claim the warranty by installing stock firmware.

Fortunately there is a good solution for this issue. Just a little tweak opera web browser, we can correct that issue. First download and installed opera mini or opera web browser on the android market. Now open opera and type “about:config” without quote marks, in its address bar (not search box). Like following screen shot. 

Opera Mini about:config

Now advanced configuration window open, in it scroll down and locate “Use Bitmap fonts for complex scripts” and tap its drop-down menu like following screen shot and make it as “Yes”.

Enabe font

Finally tap on the “Save” button. Now you are done. Now visit any website that you want without installing fonts. This method you can view any non-English web page but their fonts are bigger than normal.

If we look at the importance of this bitmap font, they use for view complex scripts. After enabling it, web browser reads server text instead of on your phone. Installed relevant fonts in your phone, you can disable this option. Because of its no longer required. 

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