Best Free Android Each/All Apps Data Usage Tracking, Monitoring, Alert App And Block Data Connection .

When we enable our android phone, tablet data or WiFi connections all the apps that can connect to the internet use data. Currently we can’t view each apps usage, because of there is no firewall. If you have that feature you can block certain apps unwanted internet access. Sometimes they eat our entire data plan if you don’t have proper plan you will receive huge monthly bill.  There are few android app that can monitor all the installed application data usage totally free. Apart from that some application can block selected apps internet access using a firewall.

Data Usage Defender-Efficiency.

This free tool can monitor all the android application data usage and give alert if you exceed the predetermine limit. Moreover it has a firewall for block certain unwanted apps data/ internet connection usage totally free. Also you can specify which application use which connects (data or WiFi). So this is the best app to control your bill overcharging. It has attractive cool design with a comprehensive report.

If we look at its features,

  • Firewall for control usage (Android 2.2 or latest version).
  • User friendly new design.
  • Display usage per each app statistics.
  • Notification bar icon for view current download, upload speed with total consumption.
  • Show usage per each day statistics.
  • Display already consumed statistics in a percentage.
  • Check current download speed in a transparent icon on top of the windows.
  • Perform download and upload speed test like
  • 2 home screen widget.

To view each apps consumption tap on the “Apps” tab. In there you can view data and WiFi usage, apart from that you can view each day usage tap on “Daily” tab.

To enable Firewall you have to root your android phone. We already publish rooting guest with “Super one click” and “Unlock Root” and you can read them.  After you got root permission toggle its top button for enable android Firewall now check or unchecked any app that you want.

In speed tab user can quickly test the current network download and upload speed. But you can’t specify its measurements (KB/s or Kb/s).

To change settings and adjust widgets tap on the “More” and go to its “System Settings”.

Download Data Usage Defender-Efficiency on Google Play Store,
via web browser in here.
via Play Store app in here.
scan QR code.

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