Google Chrome for Android Now Available Play Store

After the long wait, yesterday Google released their popular web browser “Google Chrome” for the Android phone and tablet for the Play store. This is the first time they introduce it for mobile OS.

If Android developed by the Google, its default web browser is not the chrome. That means you can browse faster, sync bookmarks, view other devices open tabs.

Now this app available for every user in the world. However this new beta version not available for everyone.  They allowed download chrome beta for selected countries. It required Android 4.0 ice cream sandwiches or latest Android version. Most of the time, Chrome android app will be future Android versions default web browser.

This web browser provides many new features, such as automatic sync bookmarks, web browsing history, open tabs and user name with password. Incognito private browsing for enhancing your online privacy.
Chrome browser for Android


  • Accelerated web pages loading.
  • Faster web page scrolling and zooming.
  • Search and navigate using omnibox (combined address bar).
  • Open multiple tabs and easily switch them
  • Sync bookmarks and tabs.
  • View tabs that open on the desktop/laptop computer.
  • Send page from computer Chrome to your Smartphone/ tablet chrome for reads them online as well as offline.
  • Incognito private browsing mode.

If we compare Chrome App with the Firefox Android app, it has better startup speed.

Chrome App screenshots

Updated (4/18/2012)
Earlier Google chrome android app has country specific restriction. Now it’s available all the regions, but there is an OS restriction. That means to install chrome in your device, it should have an ice cream sandwich.

Download Google chrome,

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