Google Analytics Android App Now Available In Play Store

Google analytics is a popular website tracking service. All the webmaster knows that. Now Google releases its first official android app to the play store market. Using this free application, you can view your analytics account and profiles web sites basic information such as real time visitors, dashboard, automatic and customized alerts.

User can customize its reporting, for instance select new metric, reports or segments. Google analytics android application reporting in 3 ways,

  • Real-time: Display number of visitors currently viewing your web site and display which page they are reading and what is the traffic source.
  • Dashboard: Display daily unique visitors, goal conversion rate are in the charts. Apart from that, you can add any reports, metrics, or segments that you need. You can select reporting date range, its default 15 days.
  • Automatic and customized alerts: Automatically detects statistical anomalies and has an ability to send you an alert according to your preference, if there is anything unusual.

Google Analytics App

Dashboard can add maximum 5 items, if you need to add more, you have to edit or delete an existing chart. In-addition to that, you can share your web site some result with available sharing options on your phone.

If we compare it with other similar 3rd party Google analytics apps, this application in the primary stage. It doesn’t display visit pages, top landing pages, top exit pages, visitor’s country, etc. Apart from that, it doesn’t have numerical figure charts, most of them are graphical. Moreover it doesn’t have an AdSense revenue generated page information’s.
Get the app on Play store,

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