Install Official CM 10.2 Android 4.3 ROM For Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

The Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 available the latest Android 4.3 jelly beans CyanogenMod 10.2 ROM. CM is a one of the most popular custom ROM. This is an unofficial firmware. Which means, it’s not released by the Samsung mobile.¬† Unfortunately still there’s no word about the Galaxy S3 official Android 4.3 JB.

In order to apply this Android 4.3 on Galaxy S2, your phone should root and install the latest CWM or TWRP custom recovery. The CM 10.2 based on the latest AOSP (Android Open Source Project). However it has several Cyanogen teams added extra features such as ZRAM, I/O scheduler, adjust governor, overlooked and under clock CPU frequency and improved performance. Therefore it has the stock user interface. You can’t see Samsung touch Wiz and its other apps.

This Android 4.3 jelly bean updates wipe your Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 data. Therefore it’s better to make a backup of your contacts, SMS, call logs, apps with¬† data. Moreover it’s recommended to make a nAndroid backup. In case if you need to revert to previous ROM, you can restore the nAndroid backup.

This installation will increase the flash counter. But it can reset using Triangle away application. As I mentioned earlier, you can’t see Samsung apps such as Camera, TouchWiz, lock screen, media player. Instead of that, it gives you AOSP apps.

CyanogenMod ROM


  • This tutorial contains ROM zip file only for the international Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100.
  • Installing custom ROM void the warranty. But after install Samsung stock firmware it can fix.
  • This update increase the flash counter, but it can reset using the triangle away app.
  • Applying this tutorial at your own risk. If your phone brick or malfunction by following this tutorial I can’t claim its damages. But if you carefully follow this tutorial, it will not cause any issue.





  • Official Android 4.3 CyanogenMod 10.2 ROM in here.
  • Google apps in here.


How to install the official Android 4.3 jelly bean CM10.2 for Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100.


  • Copy the downloaded ROM and Gapps zip files into your internal or external memory card. But don’t unzip them.
  • Power off the Galaxy S2.
  • Press and hold the “Volume Up, Home, Power” buttons until your phone boot into the recovery mode.
  • When you’re in the CWM or TWRP main menu, create a nAndroid full ROM backup.
    • CWM user goes to “Backup and restore>Backup” (on CWM).
    • TWRP go to “backup”.
  • Next wipe user data. It will erase all the user data on your phone, but it’s not touching your internal or external SD card. This step should follow if you install CM10.2 very first time. When you are re-install or if you’re coming from another CyanogenMod version, you don’t need to follow this step.
    • CWM user goes to “wipe data/factory reset>wipe data”.
    • TWRP user navigates to “wipe >Factory reset”.
  • Then wipe cache partition.
    • CWM user navigates to “wipe cache partition>Yes – Wipe cache”.
    • TWRP user goes to “wipe>wipe cache”.
  • Now we can install the CyanogenMod 10.2 on Galaxy S2.
    • CWM user goes to “install zip>Choose zip” and browse the ROM zip location.
    • TWRP user navigates to “install” and browse the ROM zip file location.
  • Then CWM user chooses “Yes install” and TWRP user confirm installation.
  • After that install the Gapps zip files on your sdcard.
  • Once all the files installed, you can reboot the phone by selecting “reboot system now” or “reboot” options.
  • If you have any extra mod or kernel don’t install them right now. Install them after the first boot.


Normally the first boot takes longer time. If you wipe the data, after the phone booted up, you have to log-in to the Google account. When you’re updating this ROM, you don’t need to wipe data, but you should install the same Gapps zip file.

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