Free Android Grammar Spelling Mistake Checking Keyboard App

Ginger Grammar & spelling  keyboard is a one of the best android keyboard app that can correct your writing mistakes. It’s free and has a simple user interface (UI). Android’s native keyboard app and other popular 3rd  party keyboard apps, can’t show and correct your grammatical mistakes.  They only correct spelling mistakes. This app has all of these features.

Ginger keyboard app requires an active internet connection to check your grammatical errors. When you’re typing the text, top of this keyboard you can see “Ginger It” button. To correct the mistakes, tap on that button. Then this free keyboard app starts correcting your errors. It has the ability to correct all the message just one tap. No need to manually correct errors one by one. It shows correct order, you have to tap “Approve” button. But spelling mistakes option is not an automated, it’s just like the ordinary keyboard app, you have to replace the spelling mistakes one by one.


Key features.

  • One tap correct all the grammar mistakes (can accept or reject suggestion).
  • Correct spelling mistakes.
  • Check full messages.
  • Correct misused words.
  • Working with any app on your mobile.
  • Rephrasing tool.
  • Key press vibration.
  • Sound on key press and adjust its volume.

In addition to the above mentioned major features, it can predict the next word (correction mode). This allows user to speedup typing.  Grammar & spelling  keyboard rephrase option can add missing words.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have different keyboard layout, themes and support gesture typing.  Its user interface just like stock keyboard app.


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