How To Import Facebook Friends Profile Photo To Android Contacts [Phone Book]

Import Facebook account friends profiles photos to android phone contact book and sync them manually and automatically now possible. There’s no native solution for android OS, but we can use 3rd party apps in the Google play store. SyncMyPix is one of the free and best app for that.

This app can add higher quality photos to your contacts, however after the import if you sync them with Google contacts, you will lose the images quality. Because of Google reduce the quality of the contacts images. Actually this tool only do one way sync, it just like importing images.

Apart from that, the most significant thing is that, this app doesn’t make new contacts on your phone. It only modifies them (pic).

Key features.

  • Import Facebook account friends list profiles photos to your phone book.
  • Sync automatically and periodically (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Automatically and manually match names. 
  • Match contacts only if it has phone number.
  • Edit your contacts photos.
  • Download higher resolution quality images.
  • Crop downloaded pictures using midpoint.
  • Display comprehensive detail report.

So what are you waiting for just start import. 


Download from Google Play

How to use SyncMyPix.

  • When the installation has completed, run the app just like normal.
  • Tap the “Setting” button and change its options. You can select use maximum quality, cache to SD card, etc.
  • Tap on the “Sync” button.
  • First time you have to grant to SyncMyPix to access your Facebook account. Once you tap sync button web browser will open and log-in to your account and grant the permission.
  • Now it starts the synchronization. After it’s completed, it’ll provide a details report and show which contacts sync.
  • If some contacts not sync tap and hold the finger on the select contact that you want. In the context menu tap “Link picture to contact”.
  • Now you can see your phone book, browse and tap one contact. Now it automatically imports.

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