How To Flash A Kernel Sony Xperia Any Phone

Installing a stock or custom kernel on any Sony Xperia series phone more easier. We can do it mainly two ways. By using flash tool or using fastboot files. If you already have falshtool computer application you can use it. If you don’t have you can use fastboot files.

Flashtool is a windows and Linux based computer application at can do many things to the Sony android phone. It’s just like the Samsung PC ODIN application. 


You can use either flashtool or fastboot files. No need to use both of them.

  • Download the flashtool application in the official developer website from here. It’s better user JDownloader for fast download. 
  • Donwload fastboot file in here.


How to flash a kernel using fastboot files.

  • Extract the downloaded fasboot zip file to the desktop. 
  • Power off the phone and wait for a few seconds. 
  • Press and hold fastboot key. 2012 and most of the 2011 devices its volume up key, some Sony 2011 devices such as Xperia Arc its menu key. (fastboot mode, top LED tun to blue color).
  • Open the folder and right click inside.
  • In the Windows context menu click “Open command window here”.
  • Type or copy paste following command line and hit the enter key.
fastboot flash boot boot.img 
  • When it displays installation success type following command and press enter key.
fastboot reboot
  • Now disconnect phone from the PC and use.

How to Flash a Kernel using flashtool.

If you have any trouble installing flash tool, we already published how to install falshtool on a windows computer in here, you a use that method.

Flashing custom or stock kernels doesn’t wipe user data. However if you install wrong kernel which not compatible with your device or ROM, your phone can be bricked.

  • Download required and suitable kernel for your device.  Custom kernels has “.img” file extension and stock kernel has “kernel.sin” file name. If its a compress file unzip it until you receive “.img” or “.sin” file. 
  • Copy downloaded kernel into the flashtool installed directory. 
  • Now run the application as an administrator. 
  • If you connect your phone to the PC, disconnect it from the computer. 
  • Power off the phone and wait for a few seconds. Now press and hold “Volume Up” key and same time connect phone to the PC via USB cable. 
  • Click “Thunder” symbol like following screenshot.
  • In the mode selector tick “fastboot mode”.
  • Now you can see “Fastboot Toolbox”. Click its “Select kernel to flash”
  • Now choose the “boot.img” or “kernel.sin” file.
  • Click “Open” button and wait for a few second. Installation complete less than 5 seconds. 
  • When the flashtool display “Installation completed” close the fastbot tollbox” and disconnect phone from the PC.
  • Now power on the phone. 

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