How To Block Android Apps Internet Access Using Android Firewall [ DroidWall ]

Android OS does not come with a native firewall app, therefore we can’t block apps internet access. As a result of that when we enable the data or WiFi connection, then any app that has network communication permission, will connect to the internet. If you don’t have a proper data plan or if your apps don’t have an option to select a connection method, it’s better to use a third party firewall.

DroidWall is a free Android Firewall, that can block completely or selected network access. For instance Web browser app only use WiFi or Data. This tool use iptables Linux firewall. However this app requires the root access. If you’re not having, then use our rooting guide in here ( Device specific guide or one click guide).



  • First download DroidWall

[google_app_box title=”DroidWall” url=”” ]

  • After the installation finished, run the app.
  • Tap the top of the “Mode” menu. In the “select mode” menu tap “Black List (Block selected)” option.
  • Now its main menu display all the installed apps, apart from that top of the menu display small symbols they indicate WiFi and Data
DroidWall App
  • Tick any app that you want to block its internet connection. If you tick both tick boxes (WiFi and Data), that application internet connection completely block. If you need to block data connection, tick check box under the data.
DroidWall Apps list
  • To apply changes, press your phone’s menu key and tap “Save Rules”
DroidWall Apply settings

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